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I am Khush Goyal, a student of IBDP in the batch of 2019 from Fountainhead School, Surat. I would say that my talent would be applying whatever I know in practical life. I also have a tendency to see the logical angle to everything, be it studies, sports or elsewhere. I also would go on and say that I am very adaptive. I adapt to different situations quickly and swiftly and I see it as a talent in today’s world where nothing is fixed. I am a communicative person too. All my actual feelings and thoughts of my mind come out when I interact with people. I enjoy working with complicated machines and equipment and wonder how they work the way they do, and how could it have come to its creator’s mind. I also like dealing with and solving numbers and problems related to them. I like this because I love mathematics, and simplifying questions to get the solution is one of the most satisfying things of all. My basketball and in general sport & fitness skills is something which I would like to work upon. This is because I am a foodie and I eat more than normal amounts of junk food, and to reduce its adverse effects and keeping my body in good shape, exercise and sports are one of the best options. And if I will be good at them, I would naturally tend to do more of it. My outlook on life would be to live a great life according to your own terms. For me, freedom of choice is necessary for me to live in happiness. We define our own lives, and I think that everyone should think hard about a life-setting decision that whether is it something that they want or not. Personally, the most concerning thing to me about the future of this world is the way we nurture the kids these days. They are growing up around automated and digital things and playing video games online with virtual friends they met online rather than actual games with real-life friends living in the neighborhood, and all this reduces the physical fitness of kids in the first stage of their lives. The energy crisis is also something that worries me as we are polluting and exploiting natural (non-renewable) resources of our Earth whereas we could be more careful on how to repurpose those non-renewable sources so that we use minimum¬†amounts of it for maximum use and when it is no longer reusable or repurposable, then we can dispose it in a way which is least harmful to our environment.¬†Being a tech-savvy person, I know this sounds ironical but everything has a correct age range to start doing them. I would like to learn more about the next generation technology and how it could be used in multiple ways in various machines across fields of work. I have also wanted to try all the adventurous sports and activities there is. This comes as a reflection on my various trips from school and personally, due to which I have done a good amount of various adventurous stuff but definitely not all. Sometimes, opportunities were there but due to some or the other reason (Scared!), I didn’t do them. Now I realize that all of them are worth doing at least once in your life as it gives you an immediate sense of thrill which gets your mind going and you feel it in-the-moment.

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