Service_Session_2017 @Fountainhead School (BasketBall)

This was an activity that was undertaken by Fountainhead School to support the underprivileged children by teaching them arts and physical sports. All the students from grade 7 to 9 and grade 11 were given an opportunity to provide service to the kids on the weekends from the categories that school provided. Grade 11 students […]

Making Well Cover @Savarkundla

Making Well Cover @ Savarkundla_Divij_Sanjanwala Description of the particular activity and goals: This activity was a school led activity where we as students had to contribute towards the biodiversity by creating a well cover at a site. The crisis at the location was that, animals including the Asiatic lions fell into the wells and severely […]

Service_Session_2017 @Fountainhead School (ICT)

Description of the particular activity and goals (100 words) This was an activity established by the Fountainhead School in order to support underprivileged children in expressing their talent in various fields offered. Out of those numerous fields, I was an Activity Incharge at the ICT workshop. We planned the schedule and promised to express gratitude […]