CAS Profile

  Hi there! My name is Krusna Balar, and at the age of 17 I have grown to appreciate and fall in love with rather dissimilar areas of knowledge: literature and mathematics, philosophy and physics. Although my fascination for the rather technical subjects like physics and maths roots from their abstract and mysterious natures. As […]

CAS Plan

  Activity Name What are the learning outcomes that are demonstrated Creativity, Activity and/or Service Activity duration – from date Activity Duration – To date Describe the activity which you would like to propose Service program – ICT L2, L3, L5, L6, L7 Creativity, Service 7/15/2017 7/30/2017 Our school is holding a service program where […]

EE RPPF Reflections

First Session: As I brainstormed topics, I was conflicted between literature and physics. My love of reading motivated me to choose literature, and I felt it would be more insightful. I wanted to choose two books because that seemed less restrictive in terms of content. After listing down my interests, scouring through Goodreads, and consulting […]