CAS Profile

I am Khush Goyal, a student of IBDP in the batch of 2019 from Fountainhead School, Surat. I would say that my talent would be applying whatever I know in practical life. I also have a tendency to see the logical angle to everything, be it studies, sports or elsewhere. I also would go on […]

CAS Plan

Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components Duration  Start and end date Investigation Learning Outcomes  Location  Status Supervisor Improvement in basketball I want to learn and improve many skills in this sport which, because of lack of practice, I forgot. I will do this in my PS classes and try to execute them in the competitions […]

PS Basketball

PS (Personal Sport) is a slot in which every FS student chooses a sport he/she wants to learn and practices that sport only for the rest of the year under coach’s training. Choosing Basketball as my PS has helped me to evolve as a good basketball player. This is evident as I have been a part of […]

Hindi EE Reflection

First Reflection :- पहले मैंने अर्थशास्त्र में करने का सोचा लेकिन कोई शोध शीर्षक नहीं मिला। फिर मै हिंदी में शीर्षक और शोध प्रश्न ढूंढ़ने लगा। पहले मैंने भारत के अंध विश्वास के कई चेहरों के बारे में शोध करने का निर्णय लिया लेकिन बादमे मुझे शीर्षक बदलना पड़ा क्योंकि वह काफी विस्तृत था और […]

Bal Mela

Every year, our school holds this event called ‘Bal Mela’ where we invite underprivileged children from nearby village schools and have creative workshops and things for them to do. All the workshops and the activities were planned and carried out by the school students. In this event, I volunteered as a photographer to capture the […]