PS Basketball

PS (Personal Sport) is a slot in which every FS student chooses a sport he/she wants to learn and practices that sport only for the rest of the year under coach’s training. Choosing Basketball as my PS has helped me to evolve as a good basketball player. This is evident as I have been a part of the school’s basketball team.

identified my own strength in the sport as accuracy in shooting the ball. I have been known to have a good hand-eye coordination and that results in accurate shots in the game of basketball. I identified my areas of growth as in driving layup shots and dribbling and passing the ball. I am not that strong when we are talking about physique and so that prevents me to drive in close to the ring for a layup as the inner defense is much stronger and taller and to beat that, point guards (the position which I play) need to be agile and athletic. I am not that athletic probably because of my minute asthmatic conditions which reduce my stamina. Dribbling is the toughest part of this game that people take years to master in. I know that I have been playing this sport for a few years now but I wasn’t able to get a hold of that skill, so I knew that I had to improve this skill. Same goes with passing. In passing, the main thing to consider is timing and a good game sense to know when which player is cutting where.

As I have said earlier, I do not have the best health to be a good basketball player. So I had to stay committed to the sport and show perseverance to improve in this sport as due to my personal habits, my health deteriorated and my physique worsened. Due to this, my performance in the sport also saw a downhill as I wasn’t able to give my fullest and I used to get tired very easily. I got demotivated to play the sport, but I still continued playing it.

The highlight of this CAS experience was the PS slots where we play games amongst each other and then, in the end, our coach points out the mistakes that we made and so we try to not do them the next time. I play better in the PS slots rather than the competitions as I don’t get much playing time in them.

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