Our school offers a range of sports to students so that they can get exposure to all sports and then they can make the best choice of sports for themselves.PS (Personal Sports) consists of a mixture of cardiovascular, endurance, strength training and flexibility exercises that are designed to benefit the whole body for which our instructors try to look for the best training methods known to the fitness world. Out of the different sports range, I like football and volleyball as a personal sport. I enjoy playing volleyball and had wished to learn it professionally so to polish my skills further for this sport and be a better player and thus choose this as my PS for this academic year.


L1- Identify own strength and develop areas of growth

Sports is one thing I have liked since my childhood, I never liked sitting at home and watching television, I use to play outside for whole days. I have always enjoyed it, In any of the sports fitness is always a requirement and advantage, so it was an advantage for me as I am a sports person and fitness can never be my weakness. The next thing was knowledge I did have a little bit of knowledge about volleyball but not complete so I had to know all the rules of volleyball and learn a few techniques. When I started playing these were things in my area of development.


L4- Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience.

After learning volleyball I wanted to get selected for the school team so to do that I came early to school for practice and never missed a ps slot. This helped me know my weakness and strength which again helped me improve a lot in volleyball. Also, I then did get selected for the school team, we went to play districts and few of us did also get selected for states.


Volleyball is very fun an enjoyable sport. I have loved this experience and learned a lot from this. Also, it helped me getting a habit of waking up early which definitely was my weakness. I wish to always play volleyball with this energy and enthusiasm.

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