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Hi there!

My name is Krusna Balar, and at the age of 17 I have grown to appreciate and fall in love with rather dissimilar areas of knowledge: literature and mathematics, philosophy and physics. Although my fascination for the rather technical subjects like physics and maths roots from their abstract and mysterious natures. As for how I spend the time outside of school, I indulge in reading books that lead me to scratch my head, play soccer, scuba dive, do online courses in various subjects, watch offbeat movies and TV shows, and occasionally do some sketching. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I am talented in anything, but I do strive to improve myself in the things I like, and push myself to try new things that can lead to me gaining valuable skills and memorable experiences (which, in fact, was one of the reasons I was introduced to scuba diving).

I plan to do a physics major in university, with maybe a math/philosophy minor. I ultimately chose physics as my major after a transforming physics summer school at University of Notre Dame. While I do think I want to pursue masters or PhD right now, it will ultimately depend on how my university life goes and how my goals and interests develop in that time.

As for what I plan to do with my life, I can’t say I have a dream job, or even a career. As of now, I like to explore fields of knowledge and expose myself to new experiences. I do like to support people and spread awareness about issues that I believe in. But what I am surely against is a static lifestyle. If I am able to, then I will move around, try different jobs and explore the world, being able to meet new people and expose myself to different cultures and ideas. I surely want to stack my scuba dives up to the hundreds, although as of now I’m only upto around 50 dives. But (hopefully) I’ve still got a lot of life ahead of me to fulfill that dream, and the rest of them too.

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