Savarkundla trip

Savarkundla is a small town in Gujarat. It is mainly known for Asiatic lion and their death, which is caused when the fell in wells. Our school decided to help an NGO by giving manpower(which were the student of grade 11) and required resources. In our 3 days trip, we learn a different technique like cutting, bending, welding the channels, and etc.

The learning outcomes I followed were 1,5 and 6

Learning outcomes 1 (Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth) In my 3 days of experience I got to know some of my strength in working with steel, for example, I got to know that I had a great accuracy in welding the channels, And the weakness I found was when  it comes to cutting steel I was easily scared because if sharp blade. As now I know some of my strength and weakness in metal laboring in future if in any circumstances I had to again work with metals I

Learning outcomes 5 (Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively) As working in a team is my strength, because of this working with my classmates to complete our task was easy for me. Even though I had some difficulty with few people because of miscommunication but was later solved with improvisation show by both sides (people with whom I had miscommunication and me). I believe working in team is a very important  part of an individual as it helps in schooling or  when starting an enterprise or doing a job, all these things required us to work in team and to do that a lot of other skills needs to be taken care of for example communication, leadership to name few. To conclude, I would say that teamwork in our CAS activity was a very important aspect as it helps us to stick to our soft deadlines and complete our task on time with precision. Taking turns in doing work also helped in productive of our group.

learning outcome was 6 (Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance)

The purpose of our activity was to help an endangered species of mammal (Asiatic lions).  Savarkundla is a place with a lot of wells and Asiatic lions. The main problem is that lions fell into this wells while hunting for there pray and it quite difficult to take them out and giving them treatment. To solve this issue many NGO has started to build covers on wells but to do this they have neither resources nor enough manpower and so they call many different schools to do this which would help both the NGO and student to understand the importance of different animals existence. This information helps us to understand the importance of living things and how they affect our world this also helped me to connect a larger issue with TOK and understand a problem. I believe that even building one frame for well helps lions on a larger scale and if continue by many people a positive change can be made.


The last Lo which I would like to focus would be Lo7  which is Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions,  There were many difficult decision which neede to be made in the activity for example nor wasting resources unnecessary in the process of makeing the cage, for example, if there were wrong measurement which would result in wasted of steel, which not only would cost extra money but would also have a negative impact on nature. 






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