As a person, I was always into sports and I loved to play any sport that I was introduced to. I started playing basketball when I was in 9th grade and since then I have been into this sport. Through all these years I have learned a lot from this sport especially. This sport helped me bring out my frustration and the one hour of basketball refreshes my mind so, that I can keep myself ready for the remaining schedule. I have attended camps in the morning to practice for the tournaments. I pushed myself to wake up early for camps and that kept me going. I built my self mentally and physically through this sport. I realized about my strengths and weaknesses and worked upon it all these years. This year we played several tournaments and my performance has improved with time. I got to realize after getting trained for the sport that as a person I am not offensive I am a person who always plays defensive.



Through basketball, I demonstrated learning outcome 1 which requires self-realization of strengths and weakness and working upon it. I have taken up basketball as my PS in school so that I get exposure to learn and develop new skills to excel. I have taken myself to advance level through training, attending camps, playing matches amongst ourselves. Being a part of my school team I have represented at school and state level competitions. Through these competitions, I have learned a lot from others game. I learned to synergize well with others because the most important aspect of the game is team coordination. I have developed the skill of team planning that includes clear communication,hand-eye coordination, handling the team without any hassle. hence I have been able to accomplish learning outcome 1 through this sport.

L2 and L4

Challenges have been a major part of this activity because learning a new sport is a tedious task. Before our tournaments, we all manage to come early for practice so, that our coordination sets well. One of the biggest challenges I have overcome through this is managing time effectively and utilizing time for my own fitness without compromising studies. Secondly, all my fear has just vanished away, I feel confident about myself whenever I am representing myself anywhere. Thirdly,  figuring out others weaknesses and trying to implement the strategies accordingly makes the sport much more challenging. No matter what I make sure that I put forward 100% to get the best of results in all the tasks I perform.  Through this, I have overcome a lot of challenges without demoralizing myself.

Perseverance and commitment is something without which success cannot be achieved. Being a lazy person I have always made up my mind to attend the camps whenever they are held and in addition, I have never skipped any of my PS classes.  Being a sportsman I am responsible enough to keep myself fit and healthy and for that, I have always been regular with my training and workout sessions. Having reached a targeted level we play a match in all our PS classes to stay in touch with the game as we don’t get much time for sports. There is always a scope for improvement and for that I will always stay determined. I am glad that I have been able to become a self-confident sportsperson with the right attitude towards the sport I play.


























































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