GSES is an acronym of global social entrepreneurship summit. It is a summit that occurs every year in Mumbai where people from different cities come together to think upon solutions for the existing global issues by referring to the sustainable development goals that are made by the United Nations. In this summit this year they had chosen to see the issues of education, food, water and sanitation. I was also a part of this summit this year and I was a part of the group that was clean water. As I was a part of the clean water group we were supposed to find solutions to the problem of clean water in the city and create a prototype that could help us generate clean water to other people.

Strands : Activity, Creativity

Learning outcomes :

LO1 : identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

One weakness that I recognized about myself is that I find it difficult to work with strangers or new people. This is a summit where I was supposed to represent myself and work with other people as even though I had my friends with me we were all divided into different groups so we were all supposed to interact with new people and work with them. I found out that for me it was becoming difficult to talk with strangers and get into groups to work with them. Now that I am aware about this area of growth for myself I will now focus on conversing with people and try to build my confidence about myself so that I can talk to strangers and present my ideas in front of them. Now that I am aware I am going to try to develop that skill as in the future there are going to be many more instances when the people with whom I will be working will be unknown and that should not be the reason for stopping me to excel further in life and present my point of views in front of them.

LO2 : Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

One of the main challenge was to come up with an idea in the making the project that it was sustainable and easy to use so that even the normal public could use that product.It was even more challenging as I had not done anything like this before, so coming up with such an idea took a lot of time but then we came up with several different ideas. Undertaking this challenge was difficult but we did it finally and completed our task making a prototype that was easy to use( it was done after a lot of brainstorming).

LO5 : Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Making a project which requires inputs from different is when we recognize the importance of working together. In this project even though at first we were divided into groups where there were some strangers but when I was allocated the group clean water one of my school friend was also a part of it, making it easier for me to work on this project as the both of us knew each other making it easy to work with each other. As there are instances when each and every group generally have at least one personal difficult even we had one in our group who was not a friend making it even more difficult for me to work with her. On the top that girl didn’t show any interest in doing the task making it difficult for me and my friend to do the work and also increasing our burden for doing the work. Though working collaboratively helps us as we can have inputs from other people and also use their skills to make a better and efficient project. In this it helped us as me and my friend gave our inputs and decided what was best whereas in individual we always think that the first idea that comes to the brain is the best but here I felt we could analyse each other’s ideas properly and then come up with a better idea.

LO6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

There were several issues of global significance that were focused in this summit. Some of them were education, sanitation, food and water. These are all issues that are faced globally by people and people have been trying to work upon making it better for the poor primarily. We discussed upon these issues and then later taken to some sites where people faced these issues and we saw the reality. After visiting the sites we were supposed to come up with solutions to solve these issues. Knowing about these issues can help me in my personal growth as now that I am aware of these I will take care about these things in my day to day life and also I will try to give my contribution to the society by helping the poor out in dealing with these issues. I feel good about working with these kind of issues in this activity as in the end it is going to lead to the betterment of society and that is what I wanted.

To conclude being a part of this summit was fun and knowledgeable as I got to learn a lot of new things and experience new instances.

 Cerificate – GSES 2018 – Vedika Agarwal (1)

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