Trip to Savarkundla 2017

Recently our grade visited Savarkundla, where we built a fence over a well which would prevent animals from falling into the well. This course of action was done for 3 days, where with the help of welding, cutting, and fencing we were able to build a steel fence of over 10 foot. One the first day, we were informed about how the fence will look and how are we going to make it, so the theoretical information was given on the first day itself. On the second day, we started with the welding and cutting work, we were asked to cut the steel so that we could place it above the well.

If I ponder upon the learning outcomes that were achieved through this trip then those are, LO-2. Because, the first day when we tried welding, I could see sparks coming on my face and resulting in some burns. Also, we weren’t provided with proper facilities to cover our faces with masks hence it was a big challenge to continuously weld the steel and do our work efficiently. But contrary while doing welding several times I developed the skill of making two metals burn and make them join together. Even the guider appreciated my work of me making the metals join together.

Second learning outcome which was achieved was, LO-5. We went as a grade and it was obvious that all the work had to be divided and done collaboratively. Hence we made groups of 8 and formed over 3 groups.
Then the work was divided where one group was involved in welding, then the other group in cutting. Like this, all of us worked collaboratively and hence, could finish our work on time and do it efficiently.

It was important to identify and work upon the global issue (LO-6) of a decrease in rate of lions in the wild. With climate change, anthropological intervention the jungle was becoming just one more concrete place for us to build our lavish homes. We, as IB students, are trans-disciplinary learners and the knowledge we gain is only valued if it is applied to a greater context or issue. Covering the wells and putting a fence across it is just a small step out of many to save the Asiatic lions who fall into the well and die every year. By covering wells we made a responsible decision which not only saves the lions but also other local and domestic animals such as buffaloes and cows. Lack of finance, helping hands, and time have nuanced the way we took decisions. We as students only covered the wells between the geographical region of 2 km. but still even today many wells lie uncovered. Hence, this was a step taken locally and I wish to carry on such activities so that we stay a responsible citizen to our mother land and take steps which develop a symbiotic relationship.

It was a great trip, where we not only gained knowledge of how to make a fence but also about different animals and how they are forming their habitat near the place we live. Also one of the herpetologists who was with us gave us a session on snakes and how to do rescue operations when reptiles and other animals are in danger.
Overall we all enjoyed spending time in nature and getting to learn things which we could never have experienced before.

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