Being fit is something which everyone requires, some need to lose some pounds or some need to gain some muscles, or some need to maintain their body at the same level. I joined a gym to gain muscles as I had a low BMI, with this regular workout and diet, I have seen a change in my physique. Lifting weights are not enough if you don’t have a good appetite then maybe you are just wasting your time. Going to the gym not only helped my body physically but mentally as well.

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

In school, we have regular sports session where I choose to play football. During those sessions, I came to know that I had less stamina and power compared to other players. After joining the gym, my trainers guided me regularly and he had a feedback that I am a quick learner and committed in all the exercises. His feedbacks motivated me a lot and helped me stay in the game. After coming to the gym, I identified strengths and weaknesses with the help of my trainer. My strength which I identified was that I was committed and never gave up during my workout. There were many weaknesses which I identified like the mistakes made in the body posture when exercising. After seeing a slight change in my BMI, this became one of the developed areas for growth.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills.

Lifting weights sounds like a challenge to me. As I had a low BMI and didn’t have enough fat to protect me, lifting weights was challenging for me. Gradually, I got a grip on those dumbles and weights that I was able to lift weights which I was scared off earlier. However, I had to increase the weights every time I climbed a level. With this increase in weights in the workout, I was able to see some changes. One of the challenges, when I joined the gym, was shyness. Everyone around me was muscular and experienced, on the other hand, I was underweight and didn’t know anything about gymming. However, with time, I socialized with many people and took some tips and etc. One of the biggest challenges here was muscle soreness. The first week of the gym was quite painful and sometimes I thought that I should stop going to the gym. I research a lot on muscle soreness and ways to reduce that pain. So in a way, I overcame that challenge and that led to developing new skills.

LO4: commitment to and perseverance

Gymming require a lot of commitment, people tend to stop going to the gym because of the pain caused by it. The first week of the gym was quite troubling and tiring because of the muscle soreness. As we don’t work out for a long period of time and then suddenly go to a gym, your muscle gets stretched out and you feel the pain. Most of the people tend to leave the gym for this reason, but I never gave up and now I don’t feel much pain after the workout. So commitment is something which we need to have in every exercise we do. Even if it is a small exercise, it can benefit you in many ways so never take those small exercises for granted nor leave those heavy workouts in between. My trainer helped me stay committed and made the sessions amusing so that I don’t get bored.


Throughout this CAS activity, I used many learner profiles like communicator, inquirer and balanced. Communicator because I had to communicate with the trainer so that I can do my exercises efficiently and I can know about the benefits of doing a certain exercise. Inquirer because asking questions about exercises, our body and all the myths related to gymming. So that I can work out with a clear mind. Balanced because I had to manage my gym timings according to my daily routine and studies. So trying to give an equal amount of time to both studies and workout. Overall it was a great CAS experience and still thinking of continuing this activity.

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