Anti-bullying pledge posters

A life class was organized by the school on 16th September, 2017. The life class was all about bullying and was planned to convey important things like:

  1. The Cause of bullying
  2. Role of bystanders
  3. Ways of preventing bullying

This session was conducted to create a positive learning environment in our school and work space. While brainstorming two ideas came up. One was making a graffiti on school walls and the other was to create pledge posters that would be put in corridors where the life class was being held at. I opted to make pledge posters.

The main purpose of creating the pledge posters was to help the students reflect on what they had learnt in the session, it was a way for the students to make a vow to stand up against bullying. There were four corridors of classes which were part of the life class, so we came up with four different ideas.

  • G7 – Thumbprints
  • G8 – Handprints
  • G9 & G10- Stamps
  • G11 & G12 – Writing pledges on post-its and sticking it on chart papers


LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills

This task required basic artistic skills like drawing and painting and I looked at it as a challenge as artistic work has never been my strong suit. But I have always wanted to do make myself better in this area and hence I volunteered to participate in this task. To develop this new skill, I had to have a grasp to do the task adequately and hence I asked for help from the more experienced members of our group and they taught me basic techniques like how to make proper strokes with a paintbrush and I grasped on it pretty quickly.


LO4- Commitment to and perseverance

Time played an important factor in our project as we had to complete this task before the day of the life class as we had to put up the pledge posters in the corridor before that day. Due to all the upcoming deadlines we had, we had to come early to school in order to make these posters as we could not take them home as they would get ruined in the school bus. Convincing everyone to come early before school hours was tough and hence we mutually set consequences if people don’t show up early to the school and after setting the consequences, the problem of lack of commitment was resolved and we were able to get all of our work completed efficiently.


LO5- Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively,

Working collaboratively was beneficial for the whole group as we divided tasks to each person and assigned them particular things to do and the division of the workload removed pressure from our shoulders and we did the tasks assigned to us proficiently. As mentioned above, my team members assisted me by teaching me new painting techniques. It helped me improve myself and it would not have been possible if we were not working collaboratively. Another benefit of working in a team was that multiple ideas from each person and we could filter out the best ones and proceed to work on them and individually, these ideas might not have come to us in the first place and the project would not have been as effective as it turned out to be.


LO6- Engagement with issues of global significance

By participating in this project, we aimed to tackle the worldwide issue of constant bullying and ragging that goes around almost all schools and colleges in the world. We took a step forward towards promoting the disadvantages of bullying like depression, violence, suicides and even school shootings. By this project we gave the people who felt were harassed or bullied a channel to express their opinions and emotions.

This activity really helped us understand the mind of a person being bullied and we tried to promote the revolutionary cause of anti-bullying and hoped that it would change a few lives.

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