Komorebi – Cultural day

As part of a requirement of the English Language and Literature course, we were introduced to Language in a cultural context. Which gave us exposure to a new culture and language. to Komorebi is an event organized by our school. The participants are students themselves. It is about 7 continents and its culture. I was a participant for Continent North America. I had 2 thoughts to depict to the intended interest group. With my creativity I designed an environment, keeping in mind the needs. In the adornments and outfit, I wore it showed and depicted certain parts of the culture I was speaking on. I learnt distinctive aptitudes and data while looking into about my celebration “Thanksgiving”. I made a speech and wore an ensemble of western clothes to make a more sensible air to my group of onlookers. I upgraded the aptitudes, I as of now had an increased new data with respect to culture and language

The learning outcomes I catered were:

LO1: Identify own strength and develop areas of knowledge.

In this event, students were at the top and most important all the research work and other important work had to done by the students themselves. I did not have that good research skills which was a key element in this event, I decided to work on them from the day we were informed about this kind of an event, Because we had to find ideas that were appealing to the audience as well as appropriate to represent the culture of the countries of North America so we started instantly. One thing I knew which had to be used was creativity and I knew this was my interest and an area I could do good at. I took the whole responsibility for it. Thinking about new ideas, about how would we represent our research in front of the audience which again should look interesting so the audience is attracted and would keep their attention where we were speaking. In short not make them bore. We wanted to make them know more about our continent. As I worked on responsibility, side by side I was continuously working on my weakness. And my colleagues did really help me overcome my weakness and present a good research in front of audience and teachers.


LO3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience.

Devising is an important aspect of life. It helps an individual to set their aims and mainly offers them directions on how to move on further in life. While initiating is similarly important because until you don’t take an initiative you won’t achieve the results you desired.I am a person, who like to organize things as much as possible and thus planning or organizing this activity wasn’t a difficult task. We were given a deadline to plan out a script and tell them about what we were going to present to the audience. As I mentioned before, we had to make it more and more interesting for the audience so we thought of making the audience play a few small games or make them do some kind of activities, I took the initiative to tell our group about what I had thought for the group to do, This activity, however, has helped me to improve my social skills by helping me to communicate more when needed. Also, it had helped me to manage my time in a more effective way. This communication and time management has resulted in an effective planning for the activity which could further be taken into consideration while planning in the future.

LO4: Show comittment and ditermination

The activity required dedication for the success of the event. First of all, it was not to be considered for our academics, which made us think to do only the required work. However, there was a competition sort of thing, we all had to try become ‘The best continent’, incense best presentation of research, in terms of creativity and knowledge portraying. This had motivated our whole group to give our best and full potential in the event. Also, as I mentioned a lot of decor work was to be done, so to complete that on time we had to come early to school. I personally am a lazy person in the morning and It was super difficult for me to do that part of komorebi! And coming early in winter mornings definitely required our commitment showing our dedication. Project assistance was an important part of our group. However, she had her SAT exam on the day of the event, therefore, our group had to commit and be determined to set up the decor as decided by both of us and have a successful event, for which our group had come early to school. For me, it is easy to commit to things in which I can contribute. And here I can easily contribute my crafty skills to the decor and game part of our continent.

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choice and action.

Morals are an ethical conduct in playing out a movement. As this event is World Culture Day, we do not have to information about other culture and thus it required us to research online for the same. However, while presenting the culture, it may happen that we may not have represented the culture in the right way. It may also happen that the sites we had selected for data collection might have written something which is not true in the real sense, however, we still had used it, in order to win the competition, which then is against our ethics. This ethical issue affected us indirectly because, though our intention was not against the culture but to win the competition. This, however, did make us feel a little uncomfortable and thus, to showcase our ethical values, we listed down all the source links, through which we got the information in order to on safer side. Considering my point of view, so using someone for your own purpose without letting the person know is wrong. However, now after taking part in this event, I have realized that we are just showcasing our learning of language, so the way we are going to speak about a culture which we do not practice will have some differences from the actual one. So, this little difference is okay to a point where no one is offended.

I have learned a lot from this event by our language team. My research skills by the end had definitely improved to an extent. I could show and share my skills too, with my teammates. Working with them was a good CAS experience. Thought we did not win, we did learn. I loved it personally.

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