Music, New Way Of Communication

I’ve Been playing the guitar since I was in 5th. The attachment I have with the instrument is beyond explainable. I have been taking up the guitar in my previous AS Classes. I have participated in different competitions in school. I developed a lot of skills in the process. Patience being the most important, when learning such an instrument it requires a certain amount of patience and forbearance.

LO3- When you love Something you do, you are able to make time no matter what the situation is. I scheduled myself to play every night for around 20-30 minutes. I’m normally not an organized person but I tend to make time for the things I love. When playing an instrument, planning and initiating both are very vital, planning which song and which chords to use and also the constant practice. Initiating was more difficult due to the reason it required more effort and time. I hadn’t discovered any skills in the process, however, I improved on my skill of “patience”. In the future it will be much easier to plan and initiate such activities due to the development of skills such as patience. It is important to know how to plan and initiate because it will be giving an upper hand in the future.

LO7- I like to play rock which is a genre in music. Rock may be pleasant for some public and not for some public. It’s an issue due to the reason when I practiced rock it disturbed my neighbors and some of my family. It affected me directly cause I wasn’t able to practice without creating much of a disturbance. The issue disturbed me to quite an extent, causing me to only to practice when nobody was home. My opinion over the issue changed after I understood it. If someone is disturbed due to your actions, you must stop.


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