Music Co-Head for the Farewell Event for the Batch of 2019

I have been playing guitar for a very long time, and using my skills to make a nice farewell for everyone, the last memory for everyone to remember. I had really good friends who were leaving and I was going to miss them. I had put in a lot of hard work to make it a nice event. However it has come to notice that I have been a nice singer as well, so I decided to sing at the farewell. My responsibility was to get all the band members to practice and select songs to play.

Initiate and plan a CAS experience
In order to make this entire event a success, it was crucial that I made sure that everything was planned out, even though towards the end, we had executed all our work with great finesse and the end result was picture perfect. The coordinators made sure that everyone works nicely.

Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
My passion for playing guitar had helped gain a significant amount of knowledge about music, I was able to write down the basic format for how the performance was supposed to go. We also structured the list of songs and how to perform them. For the overall event, I helped out in the decor for the location, I also helped out in the logistical department as well, if there were any issues, I always did my best to pitch in the most out of the box and creative solutions possible.

I showcased my leadership skills, and this event helped me be more confident at demonstrating it.

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