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Introducing you to me, my talents and my interests!

I am Nandita Goyal, and I’m 18 years old ( At Least I will be once I’m done with IBDP ). People who don’t know me closely think of me as a person who is an introvert, very studious and serious in life. But, when you really get to know me, I am the least serious person you’ll come across. Yes, I am serious when it comes to my future, but I know when to have fun.

Everyone has some or the other talents, what I think my main talent is to be able to talk to anyone, create a bond. Class or gender or age doesn’t restrict my socializing skills. According to others, I am a great photographer. I’ve even done professional photoshoots for firms. One of my most attractive traits, I feel, is to be myself. I’m ready to go completely go the opposite direction than the rest of my friends just because I believe so. This doesn’t just give me my own experiences but the confidence to take risks.

I am fond of a lot of things. I love dancing, especially energetic dancing ( Zumba, etc. ) and painting. Painting is actually the first thing I do after I get some free time. I am also passionate about running, playing football and lazing around on my bed reading my favourite books. I am fond of books as well as movies. The reason I love reading ? It lets me imagine anything I want to. This way, I can dream better. Haha.

Even though I’m good at photography and arts, they’re one thing I’d like to improve upon. Due to the pressure of IBDP, I haven’t been getting time to take professional courses, but they’re on my list as soon as I pass out. One thing I absolutely love doing is organizing events or doing social work. That is one thing I would definitely like to be involved. There is this organization called the ‘ AIESEC’ which has been running in my mind since grade 10 and I can’t think of my college life without being a part of it.


My outlook on life

I see life as something which is very simple. It all depends on your will and aim. I believe that my outlook on life actually shapes the way I react to situations and how I tackle them. The more simple you keep, the easier and happier your life will be. I feel that we are pretty blessed to be given such an extraordinary life, and we should know how to cherish it. There’s this one quote I absolutely admire by Emma Watson ‘ If not me, who? If not now, when?’ This quote practically keeps me going. There are certain issues I feel strongly about such as lack of education. I believe that once an individual is educated, half the problems in the world will eventually vanish.

After studying the subject, environmental systems and societies, I would like to learn more about how to save the environment. I want a society where we’re surrounded by trees and plants and oxygen. But according to our actions, that can only be called an utopian society.


My dreams

I dream not much, but to make my parents proud. I want to see that smile on their face which indicates that their money is well spent and they are proud of me. Otherwise, I really want to write a novel of my own. I have a few vague ideas, but I still need to develop them. My mom is a lawyer and I aspire to be one too. One of the major dream, you can call it a goal, is to get into the best university so that my mom and dad can proudly tell everyone about it. Later, I plan to join my mom’s firm.

My take on life is pretty simple, if I and people who matter to me are happy, there is nothing else I need.

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