Hi, my name is Karnav Desai and I am 17 years old. This is my CAS profile. Many say that I am the person to call to reach things at tall heights (physically), I am considered to be a soft-spoken and a introvert. Also, I am the one to call for anything related to technology.


I like to travel to new places experience different thing and seeing beautiful things all around the world. I also like sitting in front of a computer and playing games(that’s my usual entertainment). I do like to play sports including volleyball, football and table tennis. But my main interest is computers and anything related to tech, I am fascinated by the way they work, just like a human brain, just slower in comparison.


I believe that privileged people should help the ones in need, if you have what you need donate the rest to the ones who don’t, because everyone is not privileged enough to have even the basic necessities. If you can’t donate, you should try and help them in any other way possible. Thankfully CAS makes it easier for me to do it myself and influence others to do the same.


The issue that i feel the most passionate about is the persistent inequality in every field, even sometimes i feel technology is also a part of it, i have rarely observed new technologies which help the elderlies, even if there are some they are priced unreasonably. I want to be the part of the movement which would erase inequality from existence.

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