Hello, My name is Suhani. Welcome to my CAS blog. As you read further, you’ll find out how I spent the final two years of high school; what I did to keep calm amongst all the stress that IB has brought (which hopefully will seem worth it after graduation).

Who am I?

I am a 16-year-old hip-hop loving, basketball playing, T.V fanatic. My favorite subject is Mathematics, and I love making art.

I also play volleyball, and I can jump hurdles, figuratively and literally. I consider myself an independent individual and prefer working alone where I can have things done my way. Playing both team and individual sports has taught me the importance of working collaboratively and has actively helped in becoming a better communicator.

When I am not studying, playing sports or making art, I indulge myself in the world of fiction filled with murder mysteries and haunted mansions, high functioning detectives and whimsical fantasy characters, flying futuristic cars and animated cartoons. T.V shows, movies, cartoons and occasionally books have become my late night pastime. Through the years I have taught myself to differentiate between good direction, screenplay, and storytelling from its mediocre counterpart. Even though I enjoy such sort of entertainment, I have had to reduce it to a great extent because of IB. I cannot wait to resume in the summer after graduation with a long list of movies that I continually update.

Other than these hobbies I also love traveling for its ability to challenge and teach. Exploring new places far from home is a challenge in itself. Navigating my way through a country that speaks a different language, or drives on the opposite side of the road introduces me to different cultures and perspectives. In the midst of listening to stories, flipping through history pages and appreciating the art of these new places I constantly find myself amazed by what the world has to offer. With a backpack heavier than my dreams, a camera around my neck and quirky sneakers I want to learn from all the places on this beautiful planet.

What I have learned through CAS?

Choosing between my graphics display calculator and a paint brush has always been difficult for me. I constantly find myself wedged between my love for math and the arts. The increasing course load of high school made the choice a lot easier. Not making art made me realize its power to influence and bring a change. Spending all those hours in making, teaching and learning art has opened my eyes to the power that art and design holds. The hidden influence of art and design in our daily lives, from the placement of tiny buttons on our phones to the color of our bedroom wall, has the power to shape our personality and consequently change the world. CAS has played a huge role in helping me explore my creative side and has pushed me to consider art and design as a potential career option.

So what’s next?

The plan is to fan this spark to a flame. And get through IB and then complete my long list of movies.

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