Trip to savarkundla

We went to Savarkundla for our cas trip to make a well because there are 6-10 lions dying each year,we decided to cover at least one well so that lions would not die.When we reached the destination we all were given task and what we will be going to do like welding cutting and grinding.It was very difficult to grind and welding but i did it.We started with welding and it was very difficult because there was no electricity at that particular time so the whole day got wasted,but the next day we responsibly took initiative to do cutting and welding.The next day we started putting the grill on the cage and it was one the most difficult part but we completed it and the the cage was ready.

The next day we went far away from our site to a deep forest to cover the well and that was a long trek but finally we reached our destination and started covering the well.This cas activity included all the three criteria ( creativity, Action service).

In my opinion, the learning outcomes we covered were LO6 and LO5. LO5 states “Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively”. We were around 35 students and it was very difficult to do the task individually so we took an initiative and divided our self into 8 groups which lead fast work and the core of making the well was completed.

LO6 states “Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance”, by this we got to know  the issue of dying animals  which particularly the lions as Asiatic Lions are mostly found in this area and by just covering some wells if we could help these animals it is something we should do. By doing this we are aiding to the food chain by helping one of the important animals of this chain, we also help the ecosystem which is a widespread issue all of the world.

The overall experience was very nice and adventures and i personally liked it.


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