Service Sessions @ FS

Our School decided to organize service programs for underprivileged children from various NGO/schools.
The service programmed included various sports/subjects the children could take up according to their interests. They could take up different sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball and etc, or participate in various arts like Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and etc. They were also taught basic ICT skills if they were to take it up. The students of Fountainhead had to volunteer for this activities and teach them the following sport/art/subject for 3 weekends. We were divided into batches and each batch had leaders to lead and manage that batch of volunteers. I was in charge of my batch for Football. I’ve always had a passion for Football and I wanted to share that passion, Also I am the school’s GK.

Our schedule included the following things:-

  • The importance of warm-up and how to do it properly.
  • Teaching all the basic rule about the game.
  • Basic Ball control drills like dribbling, passing and controlling the ball.
  • Simple Shooting and agility drills.
  • Playing Match 7 v 7.

L02:- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

The biggest challenge I faced was to make the children what exactly they need to do in the drills that we are running. It was really simple to do in concept but then I realized that this was a completely new concept(passing and controlling the ball) to them. So I decided to give them more time, I stretched the time limit for each drill and I asked the fountainhead volunteers to show them how its done practically when the children were not getting a grip of that certain activity. The sessions ran much fluid in the later part of the session however only some children showed signs of improvement. However, We only had around 6 sessions with them so it’s understandable as learning a new sport takes much more time than 3 weekends. The biggest skill I think I developed would be to have patience with other people and understanding there point of view on the matter at hand.


L03:- Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

Being the CAS activity leader of my Batch, I had to make sure everything went according to schedule and furthermore also had to make sure the schedule was engaging and fruitful for the students of the NGO. I tried to make the activities as simple as possible so that the children could actually perform them and improve at it. However, one thing I missed was man management of the fountainhead volunteers because we had volunteers in excess and many of them were idle when the sessions were going on. The idle volunteers caused a bit of disruption in the sessions however after 1 or 2 sessions I manage to assign people to certain tasks and this allowed the children to get individual attention from the volunteers and this is a positive outcome from my perspective. Overall, there were many things I could have done differently and given them more of a tactical view of the game of football and that is something I regret missing to show them.


L04:- Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Maintaining constant commitment towards this event was mandatory for me as I was the leader of my batch. The only problem would be I had to reschedule my study hours as it was on the weekend during the evening, which is a regular time for me to study and it was also important as our midterms were around the corner. However, it is always fun to step on the football field, whether it is to play or teach people to play. It provides as a partial refreshment for me from the work on the weekend but that also meant that I had to cut down on other refreshments in my personal time. Nonetheless, It is always fun to see new people learn the game of football, I love the game and I also love when new people experience the beauty of the game and to see those children enjoy playing football is what kept me committed to this sessions.


L05:- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

All this sessions were a result of consistent teamwork and coordination between the volunteers of my batch. If we didn’t have that, we would barely have a proper session. Our first session was a tad messy because we realized that we were flooded with volunteers that we didn’t account for. Be that as it may, we did manage to assign proper roles to everyone by the end of the first session and after that our sessions were a lot smoother. As a matter of fact, they were better than we thought because with increased number of volunteers, all the children got a lot more personal attention from the volunteers which also encouraged the children. We had to keep our communication skills sharp as we had a big schedule and we had made sure that each and every child was kept up with it. I helped out in training a goalkeeper personally and mainly maintaining the decorum of the sessions. Volunteers would sometimes start to play in-between themselves and that was something I had to particularly take care of that this playing shouldn’t hinder the sessions of the children.



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