They were camps organised in our school for NGO kids so that they could attend these camps to get an exposure of a lot many activities including sports like basketball,football,frisbee etc, art and ICT. In total there were going to be three batches and each batch had 6 slots on 3 weekends. I with 2 more people was the incharge for basketball for 2nd batch and my responsibility was to look at how other students were teaching and I was also responsible for arranging the required equipments.

The learning outcomes achieved through this activity are as following:

  1. L7 Recognise and consider the choices of ethics and actions- I had 15 children from our school working in my head whom I was supposed to head and look at. After 30 mins passed in the first batch I noticed that a lot of children from our school were not doing the work assigned to them seriously and some were not able to teach children how to play basketball or even the basics of basketball.My responsibility did not include teaching the NGO kids but because I saw that others are not able to do their work properly and that NGO kids were suffering due to that I took the charge of teaching them in the best possible way.This is where choice of actions played role for me as I had an option to just ignore the situation where fh students were not able to teach properly  but I still took the charge because I thought that if those kids are coming to our school they go back after experiencing something new.
  2. L4 Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience- I was committed towards teaching the NGO kids which can be proved by the fact that I went out of the way and taught them how to play basketball. I was also committed towards the activity as I gave my 100% and tried to teach those kids all sorts of new skills and give them the best experience at  FS basketball camps.
  3. L1 Identifying own strength and develop areas for growth – I have been playing basketball for 2-3 years now which is why i choose teaching kids basketball rather than any other activity. I was supposed to teach them basic which included layups, passing (normal and weaving) and shooting. While teaching them all these skills I identified that I have good shooting skills but I lack at controlling the ball. Teaching them helped me in identifying my weakness and it gave me an area I need to work upon to develop my game.
  4. L2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills-During the sessions with NGO kids it was very difficult for me to communicate with the kids as their mother tongue was gujarati and all of them did not understand hindi properly whereas in my case my mother tongue is hindi and I could only speak hindi and english fluently. Due to this language gap I faced a lot of problem during the first slot, which is why I learned a few gujarati words and sentences from my friend who was fluent with the language in order to communicate properly. Another skill that I learned was being patient. Handling so many kids was a very difficult task for me as I was supposed to handle NGO kids and also students from my school who were working under me.There were times when shouting on everyone was not an option so I had to keep myself calm and patient. Therefore this activity helped me in learning gujarati and being patient which shows that I did undergo challenges and developed new skills.



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