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I have always wanted to share knowledge which I absorb every single day and this activity gave me the opportunity to abolish the gap between the underprivileged and the ones like us. We have different kinds of activities planned for them like Visual arts, Dance, Drama, Football, Basketball and etc. I will teach them how to kick, pass, dribble, shoot a football. Our school has organized and called as many as underprivileged children as possible so to enhance and develop the student’s skills and to provide a better platform for the underprivileged to learn.

My goals included –

  • Develop some new skills like how to work collaboratively, how to ensure that the children are learning something, how to communicate effectively and many more.
  • Decrease the gap between underprivileged and privileged.

L2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills

Firstly, the children were either from Hindi or Gujarati medium schools and I am not so proficient with Gujarati so I faced difficulties while explaining them the techniques. However since there were 2 in charge of football, my partner knew Gujarati very well so he was able to explain them well. We had divided the explanations according to schools so the children of Hindi medium school were explained by me and the other Gujarati medium children were explained by my partner. I also tried to develop my Gujarati during this activity and sometimes I tried to explain the Gujarati medium children. During this activity, I also gained some confidence and coordination as giving instruction were required almost every 5 minutes. These skills which I have developed will help me when I have to give speeches or present some presentations or when I have to work in a group. I also learned how to be open-minded because there were too many people to give suggestions about how to conduct the classes so I understood how to consider everybody’s suggestions and bring about the final idea.

L3- initiate and plan a CAS experience

We had to make a plan for about 6 sessions. I, with my group, started to plan beforehand so that we don’t face any problems while performing the activity. We came early in the morning or used our free slots to plan for the sessions. We divided the sessions into 3 parts of 2. The underprivileged did not get opportunities to learn football so we knew they won’t be clear with the base (Kick, pass and dribble). We started off with these exercises and then in the next 2 sessions, we increased the complexity. We made them play monkey in the middle and many such games which inculcate the basic skills. The last 2 sessions, we divided them into teams and made them play actual football match. We ensured that everybody was participating. We also had to inform the helper to get us a specific number of footballs according to the plan so we discussed it during the planning sessions and had communicated it 2 days prior.

L4-commitment to and perseverance

We showed perseverance while conducting the activity and also in the planning process. We faced a lot of internal difficulties which led to disputes and clashes of opinions. It took us almost 1 week to plan and finalise the plan of first 2 sessions. We tried to keep early morning meetings but it did not turn out to be effective as everybody used to be sleepy so we thought to work in our common free slots. While conducting the activity we face 2 issues. Firstly, it was raining when we were conducting so we had to shift to places where there were minimal chances of slipping and also indoor. We had to do a lot of on the spot planning as per the weather conditions as some activities could not be done other than the ground. The children were not so understanding so we had to be strict with them so that they understand and learn something out of it. We showed commitment by pre-planning the activity so that we don’t waste anybody’s time. We made the content so simple that everybody understands it thoroughly and we ensured everybody understood. These were going to take place on the weekends and we had mid term exams approaching so many of my friends did not come because of exams however i had preplanned all the work and had made a study schedule for midterms I did not feel that the time I spent making the underprivileged people learn something was wasted as I was committed to the study schedule.   

L5-Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively,

We worked collaboratively which helped us in a lot of things. We could ensure that the children understood everything and were interested in learning throughout the 6 sessions. We divided the children into 2 groups so that we can manage them properly and also they can understand the instructions well, this technique helped us in achieving one of our goals. I was one of the incharge so it was mandatory for me to portray leadership as I will not be giving a good impression and the younger students would do the same when they grow up so give a good impression so my partner and I had to work collectively to have a better impact on the younger students. Everyone knew what every incharge was doing so that in any absence of incharge the other incharge could take the responsibility without any problems. We would remind everybody about their pending tasks so that further no other problems arise. We benefited ourselves, using all these skills, by working collectively.

L7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

There were many ethical issues which I came across. Firstly, there were 3-4 children who were hitting each other due to some petty issue and I had 2 options. Either to make them stand the whole session and do nothing or either let them play. However, since they were hitting ideally they should be abandoned from playing but since they were underprivileged children and they would not get another platform such as this ever again. So I convinced them to stop doing and continue enjoying their opportunities. After getting to know about this activity from the school, I was not really convinced like how effectively will the students deliver the content and will this activity help in decreasing the inequality between the underprivileged and the privileged however after 2 days of experiencing this activity I was convinced that we were really decreasing the gap and also the incharges made sure the delivery of content was effective.

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