Regular Gym

Gyming has been my new passion since the last year. I started going to the gym last year when I thought about getting serious about health. And this will help me in the long-term. I took up gym as my regular activity and exercise. Gyming regularly has helped me remove all laziness from my body and by active and energized at every moment.

Learning outcome 1: Identifying weaknesses will really help me as in the gym not every equipment is your strength. I am weak at some equipment on which I need to work upon. As working upon my weaknesses will help me improve my practice. As I go regularly to the gym, I am able to identify my weaknesses, and hence working upon that eventually helps to gain a better help.

Learning outcome 2: I developed new skills every time I enter the gym. As I keep on learning new techniques and do it regularly, I develop those new skills. One of the examples was push-ups, where I never knew very well about the push-up techniques. But eventually, as I visited the gym regularly, I was able to develop the new skill learned.

Learning outcome 4: Commitment and perseverance towards gym is an important part, as unless you are committed to working well at the gym, you won’t gain anything out of it. I always worked hard to gain a proper health, and hence I am able to get a little success regularly. I am sure that if I work with such regularity, constancy, and commitment, I will soon gain the highest levels of health.

The final take away would be that, as I enjoy going to the gym and working with my body, I am sure that it will help me in the future. This activity has been an important part of my life, as with regular work, going to the gym is always beneficial.

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