UCAS online learning course

UCAS is a platform where they guide you with what course we can do in the future based upon our interests and passion. As I was really indecisive I should go for and which country I should study in the future. I took this course where they guided me upon which country is best suitable for my preferences with a list of universities I could attend and what kind of courses I can do to have a future in the field I have an interest in. This activity will be a part of the strand activity as it is something I do online to better my life and build a precise future for myself. The learning outcomes covered are mentioned below :

L1 : During the process of learning about different careers that I could choose for the future I realized that I possessed some weaknesses like I tend to be highly indecisive and it takes a lot of time for to me decide what is best for me and what I should do. One more weakness I identified was that I jump to conclusions on a very early note which leads to me not analyzing the whole situation and understanding what is best for me to learn from that situation. Even though I jump to some conclusions really soon one thing I have learnt I have a tendency to seek knowledge or gain where ever available because I feel knowing about stuff is really important.  I think it is important for us to be aware of our weaknesses and strengths so that in the future when we do new things we can keep these in mind and improve the productivity of our task. We can use the strengths to improve the task and also to cover my weaknesses I can seek help from people to make my task better. As mentioned one of my weakness is indecisiveness and I would like to work on it because as I become indecisive it becomes difficult for me to decide stuff and that makes me stressed so now I want to improve my decision skills and try to make the best decision according to me in one go.

L2 : One new skill developed was time management because this was a course I did when even my school was functioning so taking out extra time for this course in the first few days was difficult but then slowly and gradually I tried to complete my other tasks for the day without getting distracted so that then I could spend time completing my amount of the course for that particular as it included different things from watching videos to discussing opinions in a opinion column to make informed decisions. Time management is a really important skill as it teaches us to be managed in life and also to complete all our work efficiently so I think learning this skill is really important as when in the future we are in grade 12 or college we would have lots of assignments to complete on a single day so then at that time I would be able to use this skill learned at this moment to my work more efficient.

L4 :  This activity required a lot of commitment because it is something related to which my future might depend upon. This online course was course designed for students to identify their area of interests if done with full commitment and thus it required some commitment. Also as they were the ones who guided us kids upon the prospective futures on certain field we needed perseverance to concentrate on all the things. Though I find it easy to commit to things because I believe in a policy that if once I start a certain thing I will complete it will full commitment and perfection to get the best out of that activity and gain some learning.

This activity as whole included a lots of learning for me and also introduced to many different fields in which I can have a potential interest but they were under rated. It has also made me clear about my future and the career path that I would like to choose in the future.

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