FSMUN Finance Department

FSMUN is a MUN that is hosted by my school every year. I have been an active part of this MUN as a delegate from its beginning but this time I thought to do something different so I decided to feel the forms for a being a part of the finance team of this MUN. As I have Business management and Math as one my major subjects I thought I could help the FSMUN team with the budgeting and take care of the cash inflow and outflow in the event. So in the finance department we were supposed to take care of the budgeting and also take into the amount the delegates paid and spend the money wisely on things wherever required. The strands covered are Activity and Service. The learning outcomes included are mentioned below :

L1 : One strength that I recognized during the course of the event is that I am good with finance and in future if I do events I would like to be a major part of the accounts or finance team as I loved keeping an eye on how the money was to be allocated and whether the money gained was used properly. Now that I am aware of the fact that If there is any event I would be more likely to work properly in the finance team than in the creative team I would always choose to be a part of finance and try to use these opportunities to enhance my business skills. I think knowing the strengths is always a benefit because then that guided me upon what work I should do in the future so that it fits in my interest. Also if we are aware of our strengths it can act as a bane as whenever someone in that particular they can contact us as they know we know a lot of that thing.

L2 : One of the biggest challenge was lack of communication both within the team and with other departments as there was this issue there were times when things got delayed and also lots of heated arguments took place because of miscommunications. So being n touch with the team and being updated of what they were doing was difficult but then we tried to overcome this situation by making various groups on social media where we would update each other upon what one has done and what work is left. This helped the team complete work more efficiently and peacefully.

L5 : Working with others is easy for me only if I know people really closely or else working with strangers is really difficult for me because I tend to have a lot of trust issues which causes me to not trust those people and then I end up being stubborn and taking all the workload on myself as I don’t want to comprise with the quality of the activity. In this activity where I had to work with all strangers though they were my seniors or my classmates it was difficult for me as I didn’t know any of them and was really shy to contact them for completing the work and then I ended up doing all the stuff I understood or felt was right. I think always working alone is not a good option sometimes we should work with other people so that we can even have their perspective into consideration and that might even lead to the activity being better that what it was supposed to be. Teamwork was an important aspect in this activity because the event was a huge one so the transactions that took place were pretty huge in number and if only one person would look after it then it would have been stressful and difficult for them so we required teamwork to divide responsibilities and then work accordingly.

L7 :  As we were dealing with finances that includes money there were few things that we had to keep in mind. We had to make that there is no misuse of the money that we have and also make sure that not even a single penny is wasted because the event was a really huge and the amount of finance we had was very limited. There were times when we felt like overspending or do fake spending to make our work faster but then we realized our integrity and we made sure no cheating was done and all the money was used efficiently. I always thought that overspending or extra spending can lead to getting the stuff done faster but then I realized sometimes having patience and only convincing people without using the power of money can also make the work done faster.

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