Endeavor Quiz

General knowledge is a topic I have a keen interest in, so I went ahead and took part in Surat’s biggest quiz competition ” The Endeavor School Quiz 1.0″. It was a team based competition and so my partner was my classmate Preet Sanghavi. We both were asked to be prepared with latest news and the popular topics are being talked upon currently. There were 2 rounds, first was the qualifying round from which top 6 teams would be chosen and then further was the top 6 competition. We both surpassed the first round and went ahead to be a part of the second round of the competition where we fought for the title but unfortunately lost it standing at the 5th position. There was another title of best team name where we were supposed to have a catchy team name that could attract the organizers and that was the title that we won in the competition.

L2 :

Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

One challenge that I faced was to complete questions within a given period and facing the stress I had before the exam as I was anxious about what the questions consisted off and how I would perform in the quiz. So it was difficult dealing with the stress and anxiety at one time and having to do nothing with that. So in this period I learnt to how to keep myself calm during stressful situations and that is a skill I require because this was just the beginning when I go in the real many more stressful situations are going to come in front of me and dealing with them require this skill where i can peacefully reduce my stress and do my work in a better way.

L4 :

Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Perseverance was not required on the day of the competition but the night before the competition when we were supposed to sit and revise stuff there was lots of commitment required because there were lots of information to be read about and we had only few hours to do that thing. We also required commitment because we were supposed to be dedicated and complete all the questions in the given time period during the quiz and also do all the things properly. It was stressful because all the pressure on me to revise everything and get as much as possible information because due to some miscommunication I wasn’t able to contact my preet which made me more stressed. Generally committing to things is easy for me because once i commit i prefer to give all my attention to that work so that the work I do is the best and perfect according to me. Also I feel being persistent is important to make the work done timely and also complete all the work appropriately.

L5 :

Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working in this activity particularly with other people was easy for me because I working with one of my closest friends so as I know her nature I knew how to deal with her and also easy for us to work together as we shared a lot of common interests. It was a different experience as generally I tend to work with people whom I don’t know which makes it difficult for me to do work with them but surprisingly I completed all the work as Preet is a dear friend of mine. It was beneficial that preet was my partner because to give all the credit she was the one who chose the team name and also that resulted us to being the winner of that tag in the competition. So we divided work she took care of the creative aspect and I took care of the analytical and information part. I understand that it was important to work collaboratively because then all responsibility was shared which caused me to take less stress and also helped me to complete the event peacefully.

L7 :

Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

As it was competition we were lots of teams from the same school which could cause us to compel to cheating as we were all close friends who would want the whole gang to be in top 6 but then we kept our ethics strong and tried to refrain from cheating or copying answers from each other. Ethical issues affected us as we could not answer few questions because we did not cheat even though our mates knew the answers but then it was jolly moment when even after all these we were all in the top 6. I felt happy that we were in the top 6 even after not cheating because from that I got to know about what we are capable of. I always thought cheating was okay but after this activity I felt cheating will not always help instead doing things based upon our own capabilities would instead be better for us.


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