CAS in Winter Trip

We went to Rajasthan from school for the winter trip. There we covered 3 destinations : Ranthambore, Bharatpur and Jaipur. While we were in Ranthambore we did a CAS activity there. In that activity we went to Dastkar NGO where they made things using block design and also created different daily use things using black pottery. So there we were taught how to do this kind of art and also we were told that the help we provided them in making these things will help them as when they will sell these items, the workers will earn some extra income which will help them run their homes in a better way as most of the workers their belonged from really poor backgrounds. The CAS strands covered are Creativity and Service. Creativity is there because we had to created something creative so that the stuff we made could be sold for a good price and the people there could take the benefit. Service is included as we help them do their work easily and also then when our products will be sold the money they earn will be a sort of extra income that they can use to have a better life.

L2 :

Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Being a person who lacks creative skills to an extent being in such activities is a big challenge for me as I have to really think hard to come up with a creative idea that we can use to work upon. I had never done stuff like these and then what our challenge was to learn this skill within few minutes and then make a nice product from what we had learnt. I tried to overcome this challenge by taking help from my friends in learning that and also for the creative part I tried to think fast and get as much as ideas I could get as time was limited. I feel nice taking this challenge as I got to learn something new and developed a skill that if I concentrate on one thing for a time even I can find a creative idea. This skill will help me in future because in this world we always don’t have analytical stuff to do but also creative work and learning to think of creative ideas quickly is really required. Now that I have learnt this skill I can give a nice creative touch to my work that can make it more attractive and help me achieve appreciation. Also learning new skills is important because no one is born perfect but then we can learn these skills to make ourselves perfect.

L5 :

Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working collaboratively for me is easy when I do it with my close pals but it is difficult when I have to work with strangers. In this activity as I had to work with my friends who are really close it was easy for me to work on this activity. I think working collaboratively is necessary when we do artsy work as when we consider different creative perspectives we can create a better product and really attractive product. As we were dealing with a art form which if one done cannot be erased or altered so teamwork was important to have clear point of view of everyone’s responsibility and their part of the work.

L6 :

Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

I did not include this in the form because I thought it was not applicable but when I read the format I thought it can be included so I have added this too.  The issue focused is to promote traditional art forms that were famous years ago but were out of limelight for some time now. As we went to the NGO their main work was to encourage these art forms and promote them to people around the world about this art form. They are important globally because nowadays all the traditional art forms and work has faded out and people only use modern products which has created unemployment of workers in the rural area where the people created these stuff. Working on these projects will help me increase knowledge about people are facing globally and help me find solutions that I can take as a student to deal with these issues. As now I am aware of this issue that we also have traditional forms of art work that we can also use in daily life now when ever I will buy something new I will also consider taking in mind that I can buy stuff from these people as it will satisfy my needs and also it will promote this art.

L7 : I had put this in form thinking it will be apt for the activity but it wasn’t so I will not write about this learning outcome.


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