Extended Essay RPPF Form

First reflection session

I initially intended to write my Extended Essay on ITGS on artificial intelligence as I have always been fascinated with the idea of the growing technology and intelligence. However, I am aiming to take up business management and finance as my career option, therefore I decided to write the extended essay on business management. Once I decided upon the subject, the next challenge I overcame was to decide upon the topic and research question(RQ). I don’t think the topic I have chosen is an appropriate topic for Extended Essay based on two factors, firstly lack of secondary and primary resources available as company(Volkswagen) didn’t want public to know their strategies and secondly age of the event as it occurred in 2015 which is too old and may affect the research. My topic was based upon Corporate social responsibility(CSR) because I have always found it interesting as how government through big companies. helps the society If I had a second chance to change my topic I would base it upon marketing instead of CSR as it much easier to research and analyze the level of success which in my case was very hard.

Interim reflection

Doing the research on the company which does not like to give out information in public very easily becomes very hard to do research on, especially company like Volkswagen which owns many other big companies like Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and many other big companies, I had to check the balance sheet and turnover for each and every company and sometimes doing so became very hard and in some places of the Extended Essay, I even forgot to check it, which gave me negative results. Having a big resourceful library in school, helped me a lot in saving my time on researching, although I didn’t very often, whenever I used it, it was very easy to find information. Other than that, finding information was very on, hence I had to ask many people to gain more information, I contacted past IB students who had done their EE on business management and asked them the write tools and sources to find legit information.

Final reflection – Viva voce

I did have a lot of problem in writing the essay and structuring it so that anyone can easily read it, even a person having no business related background. Although I tried doing that, I don’t think I was very successful in that because grammar has always been a weak suit of mine and I seem to make unintentional silly mistakes which I regretted after. A big part of writing an Extended Essay on business management was to not give any type of recommendation. However, on my first time attempting to write the essay I completely undermined that gave as much recommendation as I could. After the comments session with my supervisor, I got to know my mistakes and tried to resolve them. The process of resolving the mistake was very hard as disturbed the structure of the essay and in my opinion made it even worse then before. Having good communication skills and a better relationship with my supervisor would surely had helped me in writing a higher band essay.


Below is the PDF attached of the form.

Vatsal Mehta – EERPPF_en

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