Additional Mathematics tutoring club – CAS project

We four Additional Mathematics Students conducted a Math tutoring class from 24th July. Tutoring classes would be conducted before the school hours, thrice a week till 8th August and after that twice a week. I decided to teach because I have always excelled at the subject. Math has been my only favorite subject since i started holding a pen. Math is subject with absolute certainty. We started tutoring and took this additional mathematics tutoring club because of the satisfaction by being able to sole every sum and thinking critically and passing this knowledge and set of skills to the coming batches was the best use of my talent. completing IGCSE Additional Mathematics course, me along with three of my friends; Palak, Suhani, and Divij created this club, we were serving the students in order to help them to cope up with the syllabus as we faced difficulties in the past two years. we look forward to helping them achieve excellence using our past experience. The classes took place before school hours for about 2 months. We made sure that our classes were planned beforehand so that no time is wasted. To make sure that they get enough practice we even prepared worksheets and tests. A spreadsheet was created to stay organized. It included everything from class wise plan to test papers and attendance sheet.


We are greatly involved with Additional Mathematics since past 2 years (IGCSE). We took this opportunity as we were passionate about the subject and hence taught the students with great dedication. The skills involved were teaching, extensive communication skills, Logical and Critical Thinking, Problem-solving skills.


learning outcomes

L1 – I personally belong to mathematics background, so I had an upper hand in terms of understanding problems and comprehending the logical and analytical problems. It is impossible that all four of us would have perfected each and every concept and chapter. We identified our strengths and weaknesses and divided our tasks accordingly.  My strength was teaching and helping the students who don’t understand the problems or not able to solve the questions. so instead of checking or making test papers, I used to plan the classes and teach the students

L2 – Catering to the doubts of the students was a challenge. Doubts can be unpredictable and so we had to be thorough with all our concepts, luckily, We all were very understanding so if one person was not able to solve the doubt the other used to help him or her, but this doesn’t mean that we came unprepared, we used to go through all the concepts. another challenge was lack of motivation in them and as well as us. As early morning classes are really depressing, waking up for them was not an easy task for either of us ( teachers and students ) this often led to low attendance. A hangout group was made for constant reminders, and to persuade them to turn up for classes. planning the syllabus was not an easy task either.

L3 – To really start with the early morning sessions, we required authorizations from many individuals. The way toward getting these permissions included endless visits to the senior school facilitator and the transport division. Planning the syllabus which includes detailed explanations of each and every concept and covers all the topics in an efficient and productive manner was difficult but to ensure this the planning was revised again and again with updates catering to the IGCSE revised syllabus. While doing so, we made sure that we consider what they are currently studying in the school so that we maintain the same pace. Looking to all perspectives and students uniquely, the club was designed in a way to involve each and every student with different background and knowledge about the subject, for doing this we consulted with the subject teacher and understood the weaknesses and strengths of every student.

L4 – waking up early was not an easy task but we did it and turned up to every class. I, once even,  missed by bus, so I cam by taxi to school at 6 in the morning to teach the juniors. It was really difficult as coming early and showing dedication to teach parallel to do IB. We still managed to be committed to the task and the only reason was for the greater good. We were also very passionate about the subject and so we were able to teach with great dedication.

L7 – academic honesty is a must and was followed throughout the project. We used a lot of reference material, questions from websites and past papers, and other resources for productive learning. we cited and credited each one of them.  ethics of teaching were also met by showing dedication and maintaining a formal relationship with students and making the classroom an environment to study.

L5 – We four knew each other and each other’s weakness, so we reflected upon every class and worked upon the suggestions to improve the delivery of knowledge. Tasks were divided into 6 parts: Making syllabus, tutoring, teaching graphing on GDC, finding worksheets, test papers, and logistics. We appointed in-charges for each of these tasks.

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