There were many things related to my country and its and is culture as my continent was oceania it is filled with islands and beaches therefor we decided that our theme would be a beach.My country was New zealand and one of its most popular culture is haka dance. So Haka dance is particularly a typical war dance that is performed in front of the enemies by stamping yourself and creating a battle atmosphere, the dance was originated in early 19th century.

At first when komorebi started we did not took it seriously but slowly and steadily we took the responsibility to complete the task given to us.To be honest in this group “I” was never used We completed the given task on time by dividing our responsibility and setting a deadline which everyone in the group followed including the  members who gave SAT they completed their work before time this shows that they also took seriously.There were no pressure on us because we completed our work before time.The most challenging part was the last minute preparation because we had to fill the pool and get the sand and it required lots of efforts but we overcome all the obstacles and challenges and finish it with a bang.

Cooperating with my peers- It was difficult to cooperate with my peers because our views/ ideas were clashing, he use to say no to my every idea and I used to say no to all of his ideas, if we had solved that problem earlier, lack of communication between the two of us wouldn’t happen and we could easily work as a team.

L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

My strengths were that I was good at creativity, I gave an idea of keeping  a pool as our continent is oceania which has lots of islands so if a person  gets lost so he uses bottle to transfer message this idea was used in the way of feedback so the audience gave their valuable feedback in the bottle and threw it in the pool.This became  the centre of attraction in our project, there were many people who just gave us the vote by looking at our theme.I basically developed in many areas like cooperating with others because at first I was not listening to my assistant but slowly and gradually we cooperated with each other which lead to a good project.

L2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills,  commitment to and perseverance , L4-commitment to and perseverance

One of the most difficult thing that we overcome was last minute preparation because our theme was a beach side, we had to fill the pool the pool and get the sand this was the most challenging part because more than 12 big buckets of water is not easy to carry and 6 buckets of sand,the second challenge was that we were only 4 people out of six as were few we had lots of responsibility but we did not loose hope and atlas overcome all the challenges by showing commitment towards it.We were also declared through voting  as the best presentation of culture day. All the hard work paid off !!!

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