We had a culture day event at our school and only grade 11 was a part of it, as a participant, I had to come prepared with the country’s information that is given by my project leaders and we had to make a presentation on the basis of what we had extracted from various sources about our country. I presented my country by making visitors play a game where they enjoy and gain knowledge at the same time.

L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I was able to develop my areas of growth, one of it is speaking with confidence.  I cannot speak with confidence in front of huge crowd, but as I have started taking part in events like these, I have overcome the challenge of fearing the crowd. Through this experience, I learned to make the best of presentation. I also tend to forget the content that I have to deliver, but through this, I gained faith to convey with utmost confidence because we had to speak about our country to each and every group of people that visited our stall. I also identified my strength which is to synergizing with group members. I helped my group leaders with last minute stuff which included decoration and speech preparation. I also took into consideration others ideas and gave in my inputs to further develop upon them.


L2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills.

I was down with fever just before 2 days of the event. I was not able to work from home in that two days and In school, we didn’t get enough time to complete our work. One day prior to the event, I only worked for Komorebi to come up with something interesting for the visitors. I faced the challenge of managing time which I was able to overcome with segregation of priorities. I was not able to come early due to bad health so, I was lagging behind with some work and nobody was there to help me with charts as they were busy with other submissions, but I assured myself that no matter what, I will produce the best presentation. The fruitful results were the reason behind our hard work and we came 2nd in the vote bank competition.


L5-. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively.

Our group had a sense of unity and everyone was cooperative enough to listen to our ideas. We made a google document for our group where we had listed down ideas for the presentation. Our group leaders were helpful enough because they came up with few unique ideas. We all have worked cooperatively to make this event a success and therefore I feel that working in a group always provides benefit. We all had divided work among ourselves to reduce burden. Everybody used to come early for preparation which made a significant impact on the workload. We were easily able to manage to take up this event along with IB submission as we had the benefit of a group. I was not able to turn up for the early sessions but, my group members were kind enough to help me cope up with the tasks in hand.

Evidence- https://quik.gopro.com/v/ynFPn3iS5x/

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