Cleaning our local beach

Our whole grade headed on a field trip to our local beach, Suwali Beach. It looked like a pretty isolated beach compared to other beaches. The isolation made the horizon ever so better to look at, all quiet and in peace. But then came the real shock. We looked around properly, and there it was heaps of garbage stacked near the thorns and bushes with all types of trash from plastic bags to liquor bottles. At this point we knew what we had to do or more like, what we needed to do. We took on the job in our hands and put in some work to clean the beach as much as we could.


LO5:- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

Cleaning a beach is not easy especially if you’re alone but thankfully that was not the case. We were all divided into groups of 5 and were segregated to certain areas. Each group had to fill the trash in a big trash-bag. Here came the issue, nobody wanted to hold the trash-bag. So after some arguments, we came to a sensible conclusion to hold the trash-bag for every 5 minutes and then give it to the next person. This made the whole process much smoother and easier and we did a lot of more productive work than quarreling. Each member helped out equally and our area of the beach looked much more better now. Other groups also did their work in a similar style and overall we had done a proficient job of cleaning the beach.


LO6:- Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

The main issue was clearly visible, which was pollution. This clearly disturbed the Ecosystem of the particular beach. We saw some rats and mice around trash like plastic bags. There have been many cases of animal choking on different kind of plastics and that is thrown around ecosystems like such.


LO7:- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

After we were done we had some water and snacks around the beach. We were chatting and relaxing after the work and there came our educators with a sarcastic smile. We just realized that we ourselves have made a small mess while eating, it didn’t look too much of a mess at the moment but this is the mentality of all the people that come on the beach would be. Filled with shame, we cleaned up our mess. However, along with the shame I also realized how important it is to not only care about the environment but also to have awareness about doing it in my day to day life. Jumping on in an activity for the environment which everybody is doing is not that great of a feat compared to if you manage to bring the awareness to keep the environment clean at all times. This is something that I have been working on after this event.


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