Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit


Few students from our school went to Mumbai for a Summit which was Social entrepreneurship summit and this includes that how we analyse the environment problem, which is in the city and how we can solve the problems by making a prototype of the model and we have to persuade the investors to invest in the prototype which we made. The summit was for three days. We also went to a few places in Mumbai to analyze the problem and to perceive a clear viewpoint of the problem.

LO 1- Environment is an upcoming problem for everyone and I do regret causing problems with society by using plastic, private transportation and other things that harm the environment. I have become environmentally friendly and I will also not harm the environment by using less transportation. I also realized my mistakes for causing pollution.

LO 2- First, we had to analyze the problem of pollution and after this, we had to create a prototype for solving a problem that we were assigned for. I had never done something like this before.

Our idea mattered the most, also the idea should be cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The challenge here was that we need to have a good idea with practicalness. This means that the idea needs to be practical and we have to answer any question asked by people. We then had positive arguments with the idea, with this our group faced critical questions from each other and we became stronger to answer any questions from anyone.

The other challenge was how to present an idea, my group decided mutually about an idea, but it was even more challenging to present it. We then created a prototype by which people would relate it to the problem easily.

I have never experienced something like this before. So I successfully created my prototype but it took a lot of time to make one. I felt that the experience of it was one of it.

Challenges make us stronger as we would gain more experience from the challenge, and because of this challenges should be there. Experience would make leaders, as they are the one who has tasted the fruit. The skill I learnt was to experience the challenge and take the lead in the group.

Whatever I learned from this summit that would be really helpful for me because I will be aware of things that cause pollution. Many people should be aware of the environmental problems that everyone is experiencing.

LO 3-Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I was organized while doing the CAS experience, but planning was difficult as planning also includes the idea, so thinking about an idea was very difficult and there are so many factors when we have our idea organized. As I said earlier that idea needed to be also practical in the real sense. We spent our most of the time, brainstorming for an idea.

The thing I learnt was to ask for opinions, so when I found a new idea, I ask for opinions from various people. Before I was shy to talk to people and because of this activity, I gained the confidence to face people.

Initiating was easy because we worked hard on our planning and which was essential.

I think that planning would be easier in the future. Planning is very important because we should have a clear idea and the path that we are leading to and if we do not plan then we will not reach our aim. This could be implied in any situation in life. I think planning and initiating are equally important.

LO 5- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working with others is not easy, and there has to be a clash of ideas and that makes it more complicated. Working with others is usually easy for me. In our group, there were three members and we assigned different tasks to each of them, by doing this we focused on our work. I usually allocate tasks to people and that solves almost all of the problems. There were some arguments about ideas and how to present the prototype.

It is important to work collaboratively with others because then more ideas would not come across and the activity could become more creative. An individual cannot make a difference, this is the reason teamwork is necessary. Working collaboratively develops our understanding with the team member and we have a greater bond with each other.

I heard everyone’s ideas and I did not reject them, even if they were not appropriate, I appreciated their idea. I was not the leader but by appreciating team members idea, they asked me for the opinions because of appreciating I became the team leader.

LO 6- The aim for this activity was that how could we improve the present city and make it a healthy and a beautiful place to live, we had to present our ideas for making our city sustainable. The city we had to take was ‘Mumbai’.

The main problem was pollution and which is very important globally. One of the main cause of pollution was the dump yard which had heaps and heaps of garbage, and it is very dangerous for people to stay the dump yard because it has high level of radiation, also because of this we can get diseases. The problem we were going to analyse was that, how could we do bioming in a dumpyard.

The garbage present at dumpyard can also come from my house and I feel I am equally responsible for creating garbage. I feel that from now I will create extremely minimal wastage.

LO 7- Before this activity, I never knew the effect on the environment that we humans are making.

During different events, we harm the environment by creating pollution. ethical issues are rosen, like some festival in India, Indians follow ethics but they do not understand the harm that is reached to the environment. My thought process has changed during this CAS activity.

Overall experience was mind-blowing and everyone should have an experience of this activity. It was a successful activity. I learned that we should not harm the environment by any chance. I will spread awareness about minimizing activities that affect or harm the environment.

Learner profiles that I developed are- Inquires, Thinkers, Knowledgeable, Principled.

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