Mathematical Association of America Competitive Exams for the Academic Year 2017-18

The 69th annual American Mathematics Competitions 10/12 (AMC 10/12) being offered in our school. The AMC 10/12 is the nation’s leading mathematics competition for high schoolers and is designed to cultivate the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem solvers.

We have been given the opportunity to develop creative quantitative thinking skills, which better prepares us to succeed in college math classes. Furthermore, mathematics drives the innovations that shape our society and is useful in a broad range of careers, even those that are not traditionally mathematical, scientific or technological in nature. Therefore by offering this competition, the Mathematical Association of America aims to challenge and inspire students like us to become lifelong learners of mathematics.

As I mathematics is one of my favourite subjects, I thought to enrol my name in this competition and know how much knowledge I have about this subject. Also by taking part in such type of competition I will enhance my mathematical skills and learn something new.

Learning outcome 1 – Identify own strength and develop areas of growth 

As I said that I enjoy doing maths and certainly I am good at it which can be seen by my class participation and results in school. There are also times when I try different methods or ways to solve problems in order to see my approach towards answers.

I have been an inquirer in terms of getting to know things that are somehow connected to maths which is where TOK of IB comes into the picture. However, I am at the intermediate level of maths. I still need to improve my skills in order to solve sums at a better speed.

It feels pleasant to know that though I am good at maths, I still have areas where I need to improve. Also being able to get an opportunity where I can further see my potential is just a way for me to work on my math skills.

I got a score of 60 on 99 which is not bad. This is because I gave the test without any preparations. This competition still helped me to know that if I allotted more time to it, I could have scored even better.

Nevertheless, it is important to know your strengths and weakness because it not only helps the person to develop himself but also to the society by serving its purpose of living.

Learning outcome 3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience 

This is the activity where my planning didn’t work out. I had planned to practice for this test couple of times. However, firstly, I did not have access to any of the AMC practice paper. Secondly, I was caught up in submission and farewell preparations that I somewhere almost forgot about this competition.

Though I like to be organised always and I am a person like that, but sometimes when things come up all of a sudden planning does not always work. Same was the case this time and it does bad that I was not able to follow my plan.

However, as it is said better start than never. Therefore, before a day or so, I started looking up for tricky quizzes or maths followed by sample paper of AMC test and started solving them so that I can at least perform in the test.

This activity taught me that how to manage things when situations are not in control, which it certain to happen in future.

Learning outcome 4 – Show commitment and determination 

It is easy for me to commit time to things which I enjoy doing. And when the subject is maths, I can do it all day long without getting bored.

But this time, I had to commit myself to prepare for the test by studying for 1 – 2 hour a day for it. As I said that I had workload during the test which is why I could not concentrate on it before. But after realising it, I started working on it immediately. I even woke up till midnight or after to practice a little more, so that I can give my best on it and not regret later about the results procured.

It is important to be persistent to the work or aim you have achieved. Because it helps you to not get distracted from your path and help you to focus and perform better achieving your ambition.


Over all it was a good experience.

My result – 

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