Service Session

This activity was organised by the School in to support poor children in showing their talent in various fields offered. Out of the fields, I was at the ICT workshop. We planned to teach them, google maps, document production basics, Tux paint (Fun art software) and Tux typing. We aim to pack these 6 sessions with all of those things, hence those children could get the most out of this opportunity.

Learning Outcome 2: The most challenging part was the patience we had to keep in ourselves when we were teachin. Teaching things which were really basic was really challenging as we had to translate each word in Gujarati and I looked up words on the internet to convey my knowledge clearly.

Learning Outcome 3: Planning was the main this CAS , as had to conduct a session, we have to plan things otherwise we would not have a valuable time. We planned each activity time wise. Planning was okay, but executing the plan was really not that good. I wasn’t able to keep track of the time I spent in teaching a particular activity.

Learning outcome 5: Working collaboratively was a difficult task. It is really important to work collaboratively with others as in this activity. Leadership was the job of us, four leaders , hence sharing the leadership wisely and working together helped us cover maximum content, as every one working on different task would cumulatively result in a good output.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

Underprivileged children never had an opportunity to use computer in an era where technology is growing in every aspect of world, and where having some knowledge of technology is important, i’d say that by this event and providing service, will help at least help my society and more events like these around the world will help the world in grow faster and it will help in finding children their new talents.

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

The children were from a very humble background. The didn’t have any high quality education and therefore, we had to create such a friendly and healthy learning environment. It was important not to show any intimidating behavior so that they would freely ask us if they needed help and not hesitate. We wanted them to feel comfortable and have a fun time with us while gaining ample amount of knowledge. So we ensured that we welcome them with full enthusiasm and behave in a polite manner with them to ensure a fun learning experience.

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