Dabhari Beach Cleaning

On the very first day of school, we as grade 11 students were taken to Dabhari beach which is near to our school. The main purpose of taking us there was to enjoy playing different games at the beach and also do a social activity of cleaning the leftovers/plastic bottles which were there on the beach.

LO 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

Challenges were plenty as soon as we went to the beach. With scorching heat and wind blowing randomly it surely made our task difficult and made our clothes dirty. We were given huge garbage bags and only some members were interested in picking up the garbage. Hence, it left us with all the more duty to not only clean our part but also our member’s. Secondly, some leftover foods and alcohol bottles were really stinking and while picking them up we also felt a bit clumsy.

But in the end, all that mattered for me was to clean the beach and fulfill my responsibility as a citizen who too used the beach for several other activities. Looking at all the garbage left like that it surely was a disheartening thing. We did not have enough motivated volunteers and that’s when I decided to use my leadership skills in order to gather more people and make the cleaning process faster. I went to everyone, and anyone whom I could and with persuasive language, and showing them live scenes of garbage lying here and there asked them for their helping hand. I even promised them to a get a green flag from the teacher if we could manage to collect 4 full bags of garbage.

In the end, it happened as I expected. Not only my close friends but even my classmates later joined me and we as grade 11 really did a great job collection over 8 garbage bags.

LO 5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working collaboratively during social tasks is always helpful. Because more then the helping hands that you get, it is their support and the unity which helps me personally to do more.

Working as a team of five members we decided that two of them will hold the garbage bag and travel with us to different places where else the other three will pick the garbage and put it in the bag. This way a total of five people did wonders where we not only filled one whole bag with garbage but even managed to collect some plastic/glass bottles which could be recycled and reused in many ways.

Also working as a team we developed and understanding where each one contributed equally and we all were leaders of our own serving the nature.

Final takeaway:

It was great to see that Fountainhead School thought out of the box and opened our eyes and to see the anthropocentric approach at such places. I also took up this task with my family at Dumas beach where we picked up plastic bottles, and packets from the shore.

I feel we all should indulge in these activities because at the end no matter how much money or facilities we have, nothing has or nothing will ever stand against nature’s power and its intrinsic values.


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