Personality Development Class

In my summer vacation, I attended a course called Personality Development, where I was taught how to enhance my personality, how to behave in a party or an event, how to talk in front of the public. This course was for five days. The institution from where I learnt this was Indo American Society. Through this course, I became a better person.

LO 1- I was shy to talk to people in public. When I went to the class I noticed about my weakness and I thought I will make my weakness into my strength. It is important to know our weakness because, if we do not work on it now then it would change into a habit and habits are very difficult to change. This class helped me to work on my weakness by not letting me shy. In my class we were at least 20 of unknown people and we had many activities and had debates also spoke on many topics, and through this, my weakness was slowly disappearing and I practised it by not being shy, and now I can talk to the anyone. So this has benefited my behaviour.

LO 2- It is not an easy task to speak to unknown people and I felt the way a person speaks his self-image is built and I wanted to learn the way to speak with unknown people. I have never done something similar before. In the class they made us do group activities, debates, public speaking, made us gave speeches individually and through this, I overcame the challenge of speaking to unknown people. I feel extremely lucky to experience this challenge because has changed my life and now I am enjoying even more. My age is 17, and after 18 we get more active become independent and also start socializing with people and different kinds of events and it is extremely important to learn how to become a good personality and this is the time to upgrade and enhance my personality. I learnt that people want you to talk and if a person talks more than him/her then he/she already has the skills and people would always like him/her, but a person should also know what to talk at what time. It is very important to learn this skill because at any time in life this point would come across anyone.

LO 3- I am an organized person and I followed whatever instructions were given. I feel planning is more difficult because we need to plan as what should be spoken with whom and I also think initiating is also difficult. I think it will be easier now than ever.

LO 4- Commitment was necessary as now I have to attend all the events and talk to people as much as possible then my personality would be made. It is not so easy to give commitments, as sometimes you may be shy to speak because you are not so familiar with the person, and at the end of the day, a person represents his/her family.

LO 5- Working with others is easy for me now, for the first few times I faced difficulties, but later on it was easy for me to work collaboratively. Everyone thinks that the person him/her self is right but we need to respect that and compromise our decisions and agree to the opposite or the team you work with and I also faced that some decisions and right from my end but they can be wrong. I feel it is extremely important to work collaboratively. I usually took the lead in the group activities and if you take leadership and value other people’s opinion then the leader is truly valued by everyone.

Learner Profile I developed is Risk Taker, Confident, Open Minded, Reflective, Caring, Balanced, Communicators and Inquirers. I really enjoyed this CAS activity and I think everyone should try this Personality Development class. I am now more confident and a better communicator than ever. I achieved success through this CAS activity. I will apply this learning my full life as it is very important.

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