Learning Guitar

Playing the guitar means always having something cool to do. It means having ambitions to be a rock star, escaping your life, or just learning to play your favourite songs. It means having fun with building your passion, playing the guitar means forming a band with your mates and having your own thing, and it means struggle, on your own with sore fingers for two weeks, Playing the guitar means meeting new people and making new friends, it means staying up late and it means being able to express yourself. I had developed an interest in the guitar last year and had been wanting to improve the skill to the maximum extent, I have been doing guitar classes and under that I got to know the basic knowledge of the guitar, for example, reading tablature and identifying chords, I want to further brush up on these skills to become a better artist, So I decided that from now on I shall practice at least 1 hour a day, half an hour I will practice the basic chords and the other half an hour I will finger practice.

Learning outcomes that I covered :

L1-Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Learning guitar is a difficult job, and it is more difficult to grasp things easily, but that wasn’t my problem at all, the major strength I had under learning guitar was that, I was a fast learner, whatever the assignments were assigned to me under two classes I used to complete them in just one, so this made my task more easy and less time consuming and in the spare time I used to learn more through the help of youtube. My major area for growth was to practice chords, it was a difficult task to manage your own pace with timings and the beat.

L2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills

The biggest challenge I faced was to play guitar within the beats, it needed a lot of focus. It took a lot of practice to basically play a song with the beats. The other challenges I faced was to manage my timing of the classes, I had to manage my timings to do my school work and to go to guitar classes, sometimes I had to miss my guitar classes because of a lot of homework. There was a lot of range of finger exercises, some were easy but the others were not so it was a challenge to me and I am still learning how to make myself better in it.

L4-commitment to and perseverance

In the field of music a person must show one factor in himself in order to succeed, and that is perseverance, if one cannot stay committed to his or her art, if a person gives up on one bad performance or a bad practice, then he can never be successful, and this whole learning process helped me to understand that and overcome any sort of negativity that came my way, I would never let anything pull me down or demotivate me to not continue. The commitment was highly necessary when learning guitar, I have to be dedicated to the timings that are allotted to me for the classes, I have to be dedicated to not waste my time and be focused.

L5-Demonstrate skills and the benefits of working collaboratively,

Working collaboratively is especially needed when you are performing in a group at a concert and this is where the learning outcome came. The beginner level had to perform the national anthem on guitar in between 200 people. It was a difficult task, I was kind of nervous, Cooperation was the key to succeed and demonstrate our skills as a whole. The whole concert went well, the national anthem was highly appreciated and people liked how the group together made one sound.

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