Bal Mela

Fountainhead school invites underprivileged children from nearby villages to the event named Bal Mela. Underprivileged children get opportunities to explore arts, sports, dance and music for a day. The school students organize everything. I volunteered to be at the stall of graffiti where I had to make the children paint a graffiti.

L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

We had to make an outline for the underprivileged people and then they would fill in with colours with spray paints.  I am tall so I decided to do all the things which required long hands. Like joining the rainbow from both the ends. My colleagues were not tall enough to reach so I used my height as a strength for the whole group. On the other hand, I was unaware how to use the spray paints. I asked my friends to teach me so that I can help the underprivileged people gain happiness.

L7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

We had to write a quote on the graffiti. We searched for the quote online and had used a quote from a famous artist. We had the choice of saying that the quote was original but we decided to give credits to the artist. If we had done such a thing then the juniors would have gotten a wrong impression. They would have done the same due to the bandwagon effect.  I could have ruined my impression by doing so hence I kept in mind my impression and chose to give credits.

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