Basketball Competition

I love playing basketball and it is my favorite sport. I have been playing it for 5 years. Representing my school in the Under 19 category and winning the competition was a proud moment for me.

The learning outcomes I met during this event are :

L1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Identifying my strengths and weaknesses were an important part in order to improve my performances. Therefore, I tried to recognize my weakness by taking my coach’s pieces of advice seriously and by reflecting on my own performance. I learned I was able to do good on the defensive side, however, while dribbling I used to fumble a little and would stop after taking 2-3 steps. Furthermore, I also learned that due to fear in my mind I did not use to take a lot of attempts. In my free slots, I used to practice dribbling and shooting. Also, after we got permission from our coach to come early I made sure I don’t miss those learning and practicing sessions to reach my goal. These realizations helped me to get better where I wasn’t.

L4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experience

Dedication is important to achieve the desired outcome. My love for the game acted as a constant support system in pushing my limits to turn my weaknesses into my strengths. I used to wake up early in the morning so that I could attend the basketball camps conducted my our coach where I used to practice for 1:30 minutes. Then I also used to practice during some of my free slots. I found solutions to the problems I faced and I overcame those challenges. Without dedication, I may not have been able to achieve my goal.

L5: Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively

Team coordination is very important in basketball. After improving individual performance it was vital to work with the team as a whole to set our coordination. Whenever there were PS slots I made sure all my team members come so that at least twice a week we get enough time to improve our performances as a team. Teamwork is the major reason behind our victory and successful performance.

Overall, this CAS experience has helped me in enhancing and developing skills which will help me take my passion further.

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