CAS project – Comedy Show

For my CAS project, I collaborated with some of my friends. We all decided that we want to do something different from others and we want to learn things from it and hence we decided to call a famous comedy group called the comedy factory. We collaborated with a company called let’s giggle who have organized a lot of similar shows in the past so that we can learn things from them and also the whole process would get a lot smoother.

Learning outcome 3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
In our first meeting, We first shortlisted individual skills so that the work can be assigned accordingly and noted that in a notebook. In the next meeting, we decided the artist we want to call therefore we finalized on the comedy factory team. We also decided to keep it at Sanjeev Kumar auditorium as it can hold up to a thousand people. A sheet was maintained where all the financial transactions were tracked. We spent heavily on advertising this event, we did Instagram advertising, facebook promotion, hoarding advertising, radio broadcast, SMS broadcast, movie screen promotions etc. The entire budget for the event was 4 and a half lakh rupees. The amount was covered with sponsorships and sales of tickets. We sold close to 550 tickets and the rest of the amount was covered by sponsorships.
I was in charge of getting sponsorships and personal selling. I, Individually, got sponsorships and sold tickets worth close to 2 and a half lakh rupees. I used to spend days just on the phone talking to people for tickets and sponsorships.
Everything was planned right from scratch. From deciding the artists to financing the whole show.  We made an excel sheet for potential sponsors and started to pitch them. We consulted professional designers to design posters. We gave our absolute best in everything we did so that we learn a lot and we deliver a quality show.

L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

We treated all our clients as equally. We weren’t biased towards our friends and family members. Despite this being our event, we charged everyone the same and no special discounts were given based on the relationship. Even during the last minute, we could have given tickets for free just to fill the auditorium but we stuck to our ethics and didn’t do that. We did all the transactions through credit cards and gave taxes on every transaction. for example, we paid an 18% tax for hiring the comedy group.
This was the first time I was dealt with such a huge amount of money and I did my part well. All the hard work paid off well not just by profits but also from the comments and appreciation from the audience. I feel very fortunate to organise an event of this huge scale at this age. The event taught me many things like handling money, maintaining cash flows, talking confidently to companies for sponsorships, advertising etc.  I would love to have a similar experience again
Potential Sponsors spread sheet –

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