Komorebi was held to celebrate world culture day. It was basically to show the culture all around the world for which we were divided on the basis of our choice of continent. I was a part of Europe team and I represented Scottish culture and also the place. I wanted to do it in a creative way which is why I completed my task by being a tour guide and take my visitors for a walk through Scotland.

following are the learning outcomes I achieved:

L1.Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth- I identified one of my strengths that I do present the things in a very interesting manner. Although one of my major area for improvement is time management I procrastinated a lot during the preparation of the event.I was assigned a work but I completed  everything on the last day, although I did start with work a month back.

L2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills- Im not someone who is comfortable and confident about public speaking. The most challenging part for me was to show my destination in the best possible way. Since the place I chose was very interesting I made a cave type set up for my country so that people find it attractive. Also I did learn that time management is a very important skill and which I need to develop, one of the reasons for not completing work on time was also the submissions and the external exam I had.During setting up my cave was falling again and again which is why it took me and my team about 40 mins to set it up and doing that was a very challenging thing.

L5. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively- Setting my cave was a very difficult task and it was not possible for me to do it alone for which my team mates helped me a lot thats where working in team became beneficial for me. Also we did decorate the complete class to give European look and to show how beautiful the continent is and that could not be done with a team. Working together made our work a lot easier.

L6. Engagement with issues of global significance-The activity was conducted to celebrate world culture day .The main aim of the activity was to get to know about cultures around the world. I feel Not knowing about cultures and having perceptions about them is not right and is a global issue although not as huge as global warming or women empowerment but still it is an issue.knowing about different culture helps in maintaining unity.Such an issue is very important to be catered to as knowing about culture helps us in understanding ¬† ‘how the world works’ and also helps in looking at people from different places with a better viewpoint.It makes me feel much more knowledgeable and aware when knowing about such issues. The work in my CAS activity makes me feel a much more fruitful person.

L7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions-since I was a tour guide and wanted to show how good and beautiful Scotland is , I had an option of faking some parts just to give people a better opinion about the place but I took into accounts ethics which is why everything I said was true and I did not fake any of the information or the stories I told my visitors.



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