EE Reflection


First Form

As having a family background under business and also having a keen passion under Business Management subject I decided to do my EE under the subject of Business Management. One of the biggest challenges I faced during the research was the company which I had taken, it did not provide enough information wherein you can write 4000 words to it as it had just started. My supervisor asked me to change my company altogether as the previous company was not an option, I then decided to choose Apple as my company as I was inquisitive to know more about the company and all the data was available online but the issue here was that A peer of mine had already taken this company, In the end, I chose Nike as my company. I made several research questions, one in starting being ‘To what extent can Nike’s success be attributed to its 3 P’s of marketing(Price, Promotion, and Product)?’, this research question didn’t seem clear and focused, it sounded vague.  My supervisor and I then refined it until we came to a conclusion: How does the marketing mix of Nike in terms of price, promotion, and product impacts its success in the Apparel Industry?

2nd One

I started reading articles, magazines, books and started finding information online about Nike’s marketing strategies, what are their star products and how these strategies have helped them and have had an impact on their success in the Apparel industry. I changed my approach to just only talking about the advantages of these strategies but also the disadvantages as they were a major factor in my essay. Business Management Terminology is a must when you write your EE and that’s what I learned from my mentor and I tried to add in my Essay. I have taken a lead in understanding the concepts of Nike’s pricing strategies. I have used all the 5 ATL skills which not only helped me to think critically but also how to collaborate your work and reflect it in the essay.

3rd One

If I were to undertake this research again, I would do one thing differently which is I would add all the sources to which I have referred too, initially I didn’t think of mentioning all the sources but in the end it was all just pending and then I had to find all the sites that I had used, I almost didn’t make the deadline. I think I did well on all the criteria, as I marked my own paper. One of the strategies I used when doing online research is to just check whether the source is reliable because often these sources are biased and not true which could hamper your essay. When I was not clear whether this is reliable or not I used to just ask my mentor. Now I can say that I have a better understanding of Nike’s marketing strategies and how these can help the business.

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