Staying fit in the summer – GYM

I wasn’t going anywhere this summer as I was going to work on some of my IA’s, the EE and also on some academics. All of this also meant just a lot of sitting down around the house and I am somebody who would get carried away with sitting in my room playing video games and surfing the interwebs. Therefore, I decided beforehand to get involved with some physical activity. Initially, I thought of joining football classes but I couldn’t find a class nearby that matched my timings. Later, my dad suggested the idea of going to the gym and it was perfect as I could choose my own timings and the gym was literally in walking distance of my house, so I agreed on it. Throughout the journey, I realized a lot about how it was not all about lifting and stretching but I also had to maintain a consistently healthy and balanced diet.


Learning Outcomes:- 

L01:- Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

The past year I noticed that I had strayed away from physical activities in my day to day life both in and out of school. I was attending less football classes in school. Furthermore, I wasn’t going out with my friends to play in the park. I noticed my lack of fitness when I attended football tournaments and even in the football classes I ran out of breath before I expected myself to. Moreover, when I got my BMI (Body mass index) report, I noticed that I was just above underweight. So, I decided to not waste away this summer and do something productive for my body. My father was a major motivator and helped me a lot through this as he is an avid gym enthusiast and he almost acted as my trainer. My trainer was also very helpful as he also gave me a diet to follow which would help me gain weight and he also helped to improve my techniques on various machines that I wasn’t familiar with.


L02:- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills

The most obvious challenges I faced were learning how to operate the gym equipment and how to exercise with weights without overdoing it. Moreover, I also had to be regular with going to the gym to make it effective, therefore, I had to follow a tight schedule every day so I could make sure that I could be regular with my exercise. This meant that I had to change my sleep schedule where I have to sleep early so I don’t doze off in the afternoon/evening. In terms of skills, my stamina, and strength showed substantial improvements and my trained also mentioned my flexibility was better than before, but I still had a long way to go on that aspect.


L04:- Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience

Going to the gym regularly is one of the most commitment demanding activities ever, you can’t just skip one or two days each week and hope it’ll be ok. To achieve proper results I needed to stay strong to my will and attend every day of the week and if I missed a day, I use to make sure I would cover it up on the weekend. My dad helped me out here as he would push me to go especially in the first week of the gym which is the hardest as your body pains and muscles get sore as it is introduced to a certain change, however, after some time I got used to it and made it a habit.

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