Setting up the goodbye – Farewell

Since its inception, our school’s had a tradition where the Grade 11 batch throws a farewell party for the “to be parted” Grade 12. Now, it was our chance to throw this memorable celebration. It is a student-led event of around 50 people. Everybody is supposed to be divided into departments like managing food, film and photography, logistics, decorations, etc. Each department has head/s which make sure the department runs in order and there are also 2 event coordinators which are elected after interviews with the grade’s (faculty) coordinators. Our goal was to make this a distraction from their immense stress of the exams and also to make it a memorable event in their lives, and in my opinion, We not only managed to accomplish our initial goal but we also made it a memorable event for us.


L03: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

Planning, one of the most basic necessities of setting up an event of such stature. Apart from the decisions we, the logistics department, had to make there were also a lot of general issues we had to sort out. One of the most problematic being deciding the theme of the event. As there was a lot of people’s opinion at hand, it was difficult to come to a common consensus. However, after eliminating the impractical and far-fetched proposals, there was a voting conducted to choose what theme would be best along with what type of activities should be held. Moreover, we used pretty much the same method while dealing with decisions in our department like chair and table arrangement, which decoration goes where, how to great the guests, etc. Furthermore, we also planned that we would come early before classes on a routine so we could complete our tasks on time. We initiated everything with planning beforehand that would let us work collaboratively with maximum efficiency.


L05:- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

For an event with such a large scale and emphasis, it also requires a large scale of dedicated people to work on with absolute synergy and coordination. Working collaboratively meant that we could work with maximum efficiency so that we could finish our Work quickly and maybe rework something that may have been messed up. I was in the logistics department, however, I spent most of my time helping the Decorations team because we had almost minimal to none tasks to do before the event itself so that’s why we collaborated with the Decorations team so that our event could have a better aesthetic to it. Moreover, as it was a student lead event, all of us came up with ideas but most importantly all of us also took fair criticism on our ideas and chose which was the benefit the event most in an efficient manner.


L07:- Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

There is a lot of hassle when preparations for a big event happens and while that happens a lot is left out to take into account. Although it was implicit, It was our (the logistics department) obligation to make sure that all resources are used responsibly and that people don’t create a clutter with the resources. Whenever there was a new set of resources to be ordered we made sure that they were not being ordered in surplus amounts. we made sure to re-order only what is needed for the decorations. Such a system enabled us to have a proper conduct of ethics.


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