Komorebi – Culture Day


    • I learned the things about the Language used with reference to the culture of the country that I explored.

Initially, I was assigned to the group that was exploring African culture, however, I was really inclined to work with the Asian culture group because I was always intrigued by their people and their way of life. Luckily enough they had a vacant spot and I did my best to convince the coordinators about why me switching to Asia’s group would be a good idea and after some requests, they allowed it. In the end, it worked out well as my group managed to display a thorough presentation of different Asian cultures using language in various manners (Charts, Paintings, Video, speech, activities and etc).


Things that I did well to help my group:-
I made a video in which I compiled all the different country’s weird rules and rituals that might not be routine for many people around the world. I took upon this task because I have always been interested in video making since I was young, so that’s why it wasn’t a tall task for me to make this video and I manage to complete it with ease but still managed to produce an accurate and precise presentation.


Areas I could’ve have done better in to help my process or final product:-I observed that other groups had much more visual presentations as they had more decorations compared to us. I feel I should’ve contributed more while making the decorations or maybe I should’ve come up with ideas for more decorations because I didn’t really participate rigorously while the group was making decorations. As a group, we delayed making decorations to the very end and I feel like a member I should’ve encouraged my group or I myself should’ve started working on decorations beforehand so maybe we could have had more of them which would have provided for a more attractive and engaging overall presentation for the parents.



  • Learning Outcomes Achieved:- 

LO1 –  Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth:-                                 I have always been proficient while in front of a computer be it video making or composing basic audio. This was something that I kept in mind while we were asked what task we were supposed to do. I stressed upon this point and I was thus made the lead in the video making department. I made video edits before for school events like the annual X-Box (an event where you showcase what you learned throughout the year). However, the one thing I noticed that I have kept in mind is that even though my video was detailed and elaborate on the topic at hand but it was 4 minutes long. I noticed that this length was a little too much and I wasn’t able to engage the viewers for the full 4 minutes.


LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process:-                                                                                   The whole activity was group-based, meaning that my partners would help me and I had to help them at some point. Our group coordinator decided that the whole group would have to work on decorative charts and paintings that would make our presentation room standout. This was really challenging as I have never been confident with my visual art skills yet I still had to assist in making charts. I stayed extra cautious and mainly concentrated on doing the easier techniques, however whenever I had to draw or use little more complex techniques, I made sure that I once practiced it on a rough piece of paper. I would also always volunteer to get resources from the resource area in our school, so this way the people who are better at visual arts won’t waste their time in the process. This way I managed to make this whole process more efficient.


LO5 – Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively:-               Working Collaboratively was an integral part of this activity as this was an event conducted by our whole grade divided into groups. For the activity to function properly everybody had to work so that we left no continent unattended or with less attention. This was done efficiently as each of us focused on displaying our country’s cultures as vividly as possible.


LO7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions:-                 This event was solely based on exploring different cultures and religion and then talking about what we found out. This meant that we had to make sure that all the information we shared about the rituals, routines, and practices of different cultures had to be fully accurate and to see that we don’t just put outdated or false information just for the sake of content. Everybody had to keep in mind an appropriate tone while talking about certain events that had been detrimental to a culture and their people.



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