Visual Arts – A.S.

For the academic years 2017-19, I chose Visual arts program as my A.S. (Arts Special). I made this choice because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and hone a new skill. Moreover, if visual arts is learned with passion and zeal then it is something that can even inspire the uneducated savage or the richest business tycoon. It can be presented both explicitly and implicitly, the artist has the most freedom to work with while expressing their perspective.

Learning Outcomes:- 

LO1:-  Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.

I was never very good with visual arts, however, I consider myself as creative, when I was in year 6-7 when I had a lot of free time, I wrote a series of small novels which I really enjoyed writing. Howbeit, after writing that I have never been able to showcase my creativity anywhere else. That is the reason I chose my AS as visual arts because it is something that allows a lot of room for various kinds of creativity. Be that as it may, I still had to overcome my lack of skill when it comes to hand on arts. Therefore, I decided to focus on abstract art, which is a subtopic where the idea of the writer is what’s more often sought after, rather than their visual art skills. But I still had to learn basic techniques so I could put forward my thoughts in a formidable manner.


LO2:-  Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills.

Visual arts was my biggest blemish when it came to any kinds of arts, I didn’t have confidence in myself because of my poor drawing skills and that’s why I was always afraid that I would mess the painting up so I strayed away from any tasks related to painting/drawing in my early years, even when we had to make decorations for events and classrooms. However, this year I finally decided to get rid of this angst towards visual arts, it wasn’t easy but it was something I want to learn because it is one of the most explicit ways to voice one’s thoughts.


LO4:-  Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience.

The moment I started attending the classes, I was already lagging behind. As my A.S. class consists of year 12 and year 11 students, all of them had some kind of background expertise on visual arts meanwhile I had to start from scratch. At some point, it was even embarrassing as my work was much simpler and easier than my colleagues. Withall, I decided to keep a strong will and keep working on the simpler tasks I was assigned to so that I could improve. Slowly and gradually my perseverance paid off as my educator helped me do tasks which required formidable skill and talent and that’s when I felt satisfied.


LO5:- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively 

Since the last 2 years, my A.S. of choice was cooking and changing to Arts also meant that I would be in company with a whole new type of artists. Initially, it was difficult to fit in as everybody was so much better than me. However, I knew if I were to get better then I would need to seek the help of my experienced colleagues. Once, I had the courage it helped me out a lot in return as they helped me out with a lot of simple problems like my brush technique, types of sketching pencils, which shades to use where, and other stuff which an average novice would struggle with. Therefore I was able to learn quickly without taking aid from my educator which helped he learn visual arts faster and more efficiently.

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