Proposed Activities Description of the activity Components (C/A/S) Duration (long term/short term) Start and end date Investigation- a. What are your skills/interest and what is your purpose for selecting this CAS experience? b. in case of service- What is the issue you will be focusing on? Learning Outcomes you aim to achieve Location (in- school/out -of-school) Status Supervisor Bucket
Service Session at school It is the sessions that we do in school to
provide service underprivileged people
in their area of interest.
Service, Creativity short term 22 July- 19 Aug a. I always had interest in craft as a art even though I am not good at drawing I took up crafts as it was different and involved creation. This CAS is different from others cause it was a first time for me to provide a service to the people who did not have the facilities as I had so I felt great teaching them or giving them the opportunities that we have. b. The issue that will be focused upon is providing underprivileged people with the facilities that we have access to. L2.L4,L5 in school Done Twisha Ma’am/
Falguni Ma’am
excel in cooking by learning (cooking AS) Learn cooking as a skill so that I can learn to be independent and to survive if I am alone anytime. creativity long term 10 July- 13 April I have an interest in cooking and would like to develop a skill in it too. I wanted to learn cooking so that I can be independent and that is the reason I have included it in my CAS experience as its depiction of my start towards the journey of me being independent and learning to live my life by my own. Learning cooking also helps me become creative which I find I am but I don’t know how to present it so learning it at school will help me explore the creativity that I can use in form of cooking. L1, L7 in school Done Khyati Ma’am B5
Anti bullying campaign ( kindness at FS) making pledge poster to make people pledge against bullying creativity, service long term 11 Aug- 16 Sept a.The skills that I used in the activity were of arts and also it was new for me because after a lot of time I had picked up some arts or crafty work. The purpose was because it is something different and a new opportunity provided in our school. I also wanted to include because it had some personal connections with me.b. The issue focused is bullying and making people aware how bulling has a bad impact on people and what are its consequences. L3,L4,L5, L6 in school Done Vagisha Ma’am B3,B5
CAS trip Welding and Cutting steel creativity, activity, service short term 7-10 sept The purpose of selecting this as a CAS experience is because
I got to learn new things like welding and I learnt how people make
the cover for the well and how much hardwork is required to make the cover.
The issue that this project was focusing on was to prevent animals fall in the wall during night.
L1, L5, L6 in school Done Falguni Jariwala B1
Tobacco awareness Creating posters and sticking them in the poor areas to create awareness about the harmful effects and giving a speech to the factory about the importance of health. creativity , service short term 15 Aug 2017- 30 August 2018 The purpose of selecting this as a activity because I am always inclined towards creating awareness about things to the people and help them lead a better life so I Thought it would be the best to select it as CAS activity because it is something different. I will be focusing upon the issue of high consumption of tobacco by the poor being unaware about the harsh effect and the risks to their health. L7,L6,L3,L4 outside school Done Atul Chapparia B1
Creating an advertisement Creating an advertisement in Language as an extension to what we learnt in school creativity short term 15 July-18 August I always have keen interest in video editing so when I was asked if I was interested in making a video as a form of advertisement I said yes. I am selecting this as a CAS experience because it is something different from what I generally do and the video created is also made to make aware about the benefits of summer school which might help them in future. L1, L2, L5 in school Done Smruti Ma’am B6
Learning a new language ( Spanish) Learning a new language so that when I go to countries where English is not that common I use this language to communicate with people. Creativity short term 20 Nov-30 Nov a. I have always wanted to learn a new language so I choose learning spanish as a new language because french is becoming really common nowadays. The purpose of selecting this as CAS experience is that as it is something different that I am doing and also it will add to my credit if I learn new languages than just my mother tongue and english. L2,L4 outside school Done Online Course/Vidit Gadia B6
Inter School Taekwondo Competition Organizing the whole competition which includes certificate writing, meeting teachers for setup, setting up the rings,guides the volunteers with their work and then handling the whole event on the day of the event. Activity, Service long term 17 Nov- Jan 13 a. I think I have a few managerial and leadership skills which tends to make me wish to organise events and I even have an interest in organising huge events so I took up this championship to organise it for the school and help the teachers have a successful event.b. It is service because we are helping the school organise the event and we are doing all the work on behalf of the school. L2,L3,L5,L4,L7 In school Done Zulkif Jelani B2, B4
Organizing an event I would like to organize an event in the city along with four other friends of mine. We want to do this as we want to get exposure to the real business world and get an experience in the event management field. Creativity , Activity long term 19 Nov-19 June I have always had interest in experiencing the real business world and learn how to do business and get the kind of exposure that is required to different kinds of business. In this activity where I organised an event I got to do a lot of different things which lead me to the exposure to the real world in the business field and to add upon that I got to learn a lot about the event management business. I want this to be a part of my CAS experience because it is something different and also relevant to my interests as business and learning business have always been things that I am inclined towards. L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 outside school Done Neel Choksi B2
Business club We a have a club where the students of grade 7 and 8 learn about business and they are introduced to this subject that they are going to learn in the future. They are also taught about it so that they can explore some career options. Activity, Service long term 1 sep- 14 March a. Business is that interested me to selecting this activity for my CAS. Being a business student myself I wanted to make my juniors aware about the subject of business so that they can learn something that we didn’t get to when we were their age. I want them to be able to explore different career options and check if they have a interest in this subject so that they can make career choices properly. The service provided will be helping and guiding juniors by making them aware about business and informing them about different prospects in the business world. L2,L3,L4,L5 In school Done Falguni Ma’am B2, B3, B6
FSMUN Finance Dept. Being in the finance department to help FSMUN have a budget and manage the finances in the event. Activity, Service Long term 22 Aug – 26 Nov So as feel I am good in maths and managing finance will help me in the future as I want to pursue a career in the field of business so I took this opportunity to be a part of this team and thus include it as an CAS experience as when I will show my CAS profile to universities they will see that I have done activities related to the career I wanted to purse. It is a service as we will be helping the team manage finances because they won’t have the time make a budget and work upon it. L1,L2,L5,L7 in school Done FSMUN Team B2
UCAS online course Online learning Course for choosing a proper career. Activity short term 6 Nov-19 Nov So I have been a little indecisive about my career choice lately so I thought about doing this two week course as it would help me understand my interests and select a perfect career for my future. The purpose of selecting this is because it is something I tried for the first time and this course will really help build my future properly and have an impact to a really extent in my life. L1,L2,L4 Outside School Done Online Course/Shailja Tibrewal B3
K@WHS It is an online portal where teams have to trade and learn about stock market Activity, Creativity Long term 1 Nov – 21 Jan So I am a business management HL student and we were given this opportunity to be a part of K@WHS competition that is hosted by Wharton university and then being all interested in BM I took part in it with a few friends of mine. I choose it for CAS reflection because during these months I got to learn a lot of new things both about practical life and theoretical life also as a group task and as I always love to take the lead I played the role of a partial leader which helped me learn a lot of stuff about handling things and maintaining people. L1,L2,L4,L5,L7 in school Done Pooja Ma’am B6
Times spark reading articles scholarship Reading an article everyday and then after completion of a certain period giving a test upon what all is read. Activity Long term 5 Sep- 7 Jan a. When I was young I had a habit of reading newspaper everyday so this was a challenge where I had interest in where I was required to read news paper everyday. I want to include this in my CAS experience because reading news is a habit which I will procure once I am done and also my knowledge level would increase which would result in a better me so I want this to be a part of my CAS. L1,L2,L4 out school Done Online Work B3
CAS in Winter Trip In Ranthambore we will go to a NGO create clay pieces and learn block printing. Creativity, Service Short term 25 Dec 2017 a. Learning art has always been in my interest even though I don’t any of its skill and possess the least creative skills anyone can have but then I feel like developing them and this activity included learning block painting and making stuff of our own choice from clay.b. It is a service because the stuff that we made during those few hours would be used later and sold to costumers. That will then lead to the workers there earn extra money because already this art form was going out of people’s notice and then people like us helping them make people aware about this and help them create could help them earn extra income. L2,L5,L6 In school Done Tejas Sir B1
endeavor quiz Going to a quiz competition and then studying for that. Activity
Short term 17 Dec 2017 a. I have always been a knowledge seeker and then taking part in the quiz will help me gain more knowledge and things about different aspects in the world. I want it to be a part of CAS because this is the first time I am taking part in something like this and also participating in such competitions would help me have a better resume. L2,L4,L5,L7 in school Done Ritu Ma’am B3
GSES Attending a summit in Mumbai where they teach us about social entrepreneurship and then we are supposed to create our own prototype related to social issues. Start up ideas should be such that they can help us in solving the problems in the society. Activity,
Short term 22 – 24 Feb 2018 a. I am always interested into matters relating to business or entrepreneurship so the opportunity of attending a summit where they discuss business interested me and thus I planned on considering this as a CAS experience. This experience also talked about giving back to society by providing some considerable solutions using enterprising to the social issues that are present in the country right now and have to be carefully dealt with. Creating a new project also helped me to learn a lot and thus i wanted to include this in my CAS profile. L1,L2,L5,L6 In school Done Pooja Ma’am B3,B6
Math Trivia Creating a trivia for the students of grade 7 in the subject math and then organizing it for them. Creativity
Long term 19 Feb-19 March
a. I love math as a subject and thus creating a trivia where people participate and take part always interested me and thus wanted to have such a experience where I can create a trivia for students and they can participate in their and the other students can have some fun too cheering their peers. L1,L2,L5,L7 In School Done Ruchita Ma’am B2
Swimming Learn swimming and get the basics correct so as to know a sport completely and be in practice of that. Activity Long Term 25 June – 28 Sept. I am generally lazy and thus I had decided to take upon a sport and learn it so as to bring some activeness again me my life and also I have always been interested in learning swimming and Thus I had decided to learn this sport. I want this to be a part of my CAS experience as I am not one of the sporty kids and this thing is a really very different experience for me. L2,L3,L4 Out School In Progress Rahul Sir B4
Learning Coding Learning coding as an extension to the subject that I am studying in IBDP that is Computer Science Activity Long term 1 June – 1 August I have been studying computer science for one year now and thus in my vacations I decided to learn coding to know more about the subject and diversify my knowledge from just business and maths. L1,L2,L4 Out School Done Ashwini B6

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