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My name is Vedika Ajay Agrawal and I am 17 years old. I am generally not a sportsperson and nor am I a person who is interested in Arts. I am someone who for all their school life only focused on studies and achieving my aims in this field. Even though I was never a sportsperson but all through my childhood my parents had made me try on different sports that range from skating and football to swimming and gymnastics. The same holds true for arts I had made to do everything from learning keyboard to learning classical dances but I never enjoyed anything and didn’t feel like being interested in any of these. Though I never found my calling in any of these fields I have always tried to keep on learning different things in both these fields in order to explore different things and learn new things.

One of the things that I enjoy doing the most is taking lead in events or situations and be in charge of the management or handling the chores of an activity. Apart from that I also many times enjoy doing things that need to be done alone as I always feel like being independent and doing all the things by myself so as to not hamper the quality of the task and get it done the way I want it to be done. One of the skills that I would like to improve are the skills related to arts in order to sustain in that area in case if I have to any day. Also developing and improving these skills would help me to be more creative and lead me to think from a different perspective keeping in mind that right now I only think from a managerial and calculative perspective. I generally prefer to be involved in events or management work. I also like organizing events or activity and being leaders in such activities.

My outlook in life might not be so different than the others. The only thing I wish to perceive and achieve in life is to be successful in whatever field I enter or be happy in whatever I do even if it requires a lot of struggles or challenges. I love working upon issues related to mental health, bullying, animals and many social issues which help me help the society and also provide the facilities to the underprivileged and make them feel special about life. I feel passionate about working on issues that help people lead a better life or issues that help people be happier and have a better outlook in life. I have always been interested in learning more about such issues and for this, I try to be connected to different networks in order to learn more about such issues and also provide my inputs in such inputs. There have been some adventurous activities like snorkeling and skydiving which I have always been interested in and have been wanting to try and I hope one day I will be able to try such activities.

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